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Adorable Mia Tindall spends day with family at horse festival

mia 11
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Mike Tindall was full of laughs as he played with his adorable daughter Mia Tindall at The Festival of British Eventing on Saturday. 

The father and daughter were clearly having a fun day in each other's company while mum Zara Phillips competed in the dressage at the festival. Clad in a mint green summer dress with yellow sandals, Mia looked in good spirits as she distracted her dad by covering his eyes as he gave her a shoulder ride, was carried about by her cousin Savannah and played on a bouncy castle slide.


mia 6© Photo: Rex

Mike laughed as Mia tried to distract him

In one sweet photo, Mike can be spotted blowing raspberries on a giggling Mia's tummy as they enjoyed a picnic together, with the little royal eating crisps, apples and ice cream as snacks on the hot summer day. The pair also watched a falcon show, where Mia was snapped staring at the bird of prey.

mia 1© Photo: Rex

Little Mia played on a bouncy slide

The former England rugby captain has previously opened up about little Mia's personality, proudly telling Good Morning Britain: "She's got quite a little personality on her, and we encourage that."

mia 5© Photo: Rex

Mia giggled at she spent time with her dad

The parent has also spoken about when Mia will eventually go to school, telling The Daily Mail that he wouldn't want her to attend anywhere too far away from home. He said: "I'm certainly not keen on sending Mia away to a boarding school at the other end of the country. I know many people who say boarding was the making of them because they forged great independence from their parents, but I don’t really want her to be distanced from us.


"Personally, I'd rather she attend a school that's nearby, where we'll always be on hand if she needs us. Anything else goes against my instincts."