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Your work Christmas party as told by the royals

Our boozy antics via the British royal family...

royal christmas party
Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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We're in Christmas party season and we don't know about you but our Instagram Stories are full of friends all getting tipsy with their work colleagues. Inspired by the fun 'n' frolics we've seen so far, we decided to describe a Christmas party, but via the royals. Ready to have a little bit of fun? 

Wearing ALL the sequins 

Ok, ladies, Christmas is all about sequins! You'll get ready for hours and look a little bit ridiculous on your morning commute with tinsel in your hair. 


Hell, we might even throw on a tiara

A tiara? Is it too much? NEVER. 


Getting tipsy 

Ok, royals don't get drunk (well, they probably do behind closed doors) but at our work Christmas party we don't just sip the free booze, we guzzle it. 

kate middleton drink

Having a little dance

Show us the dancefloor - immediately. We're looking to William for our dance moves this year! 

william dancing

Getting in the spirit

Most work Christmas parties have props lying around (or if your budget has been slashed - probably not!) but a Santa hat is a must - especially after one of two vinos! 

harry hat

Being the life and soul of the party 

Well, you think you are anyway... 

life soul

Getting stuck with the fellas from The IT Crowd

Sorry to anyone in IT, but… yawn. 


Having a cheeky snog 

Work party snogs go together like gin and tonic, or like mistletoe and Christmas. Let's hope, if you get with someone at your work bash it ends in wedded bliss and not your P45. 


Sucking up to the boss 

Here, let me get you a drink… Here, would you like my seat... Honestly, I just think you're so inspiring... 


Chatting to people you really don't like 

We're taking tips from 'Aggy Anne' and Trump with this one! (Side note: this is what actually happened). 

princess anne

Taking over the playlist 

Screaming "I've always wanted to be a DJ" as you pour yourself another drink. 

dj prince

Or worse, the karaoke microphone 

Back off b*tches, this is my time to shine.


Shot shots shots! 

Pass us the salt and lemon will you?


Falling asleep in the corner 

Oops. Can't wait for photos to emerge tomorrow. 

princess diana asleep

Getting a midnight snack 

Time to go home! What will it be: A McDonald's or a kebab? We'll regret both in the morning so it doesn't really matter. 


Having a stumble as you head home 

I'm… fine… honestly. 


Going into work the next day embarrassed and hungover 

Someone pass us a Berocca. 


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