Fans rally round Meghan Markle after divisive Saturday Night Live jibe

The comments centered around the coronation

Royal fans have taken to Twitter in defence on Meghan Markle following the most recent episode of Saturday Night Live.

One segment saw comedian Michael Che take aim at the Duchess as he addressed the speculation regarding Harry and Meghan’s attendance at King Charles's coronation in May.

The couple recently confirmed that they have been invited to the historic event, which will take place at Westminster Abbey on 6 May, but did not confirm whether or not they would accept. See what Harry has said on the matter in the video below...

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Speaking on the show, Michael said: "It was reported that the organisers of King Charles's coronation have officially invited Meghan Markle.

"And, this is nice, at a starting salary of $19-an-hour."

While there was laughter in the studio, the joke didn't sit well with all viewers.

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"Notice how Michael Che is not funny and he never has been?" one Twitter user said. "Especially tonight with his trashy cheap shot 'Meghan' joke - not funny - just getting used to insult a black woman. Apologize & retract. But it's unforgivable. It's not even funny! Just rude."

A second remarked: "Did the writers take the week off? This episode is horrible." And a third wrote: "You loons just can't keep Meghan Markle's name out of your mouth. It's sick."

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Of course, not everyone agreed. "Michael Che is on fire tonight!" one viewer raved. "It's called satire people," a second stated.

The SNL segment comes after the South Park creators released an episode seemingly based on Harry and Meghan – a fictional Canadian prince and princess embark on a 'worldwide privacy tour' – all the while giving countless TV interviews and shouting through megaphones.

At the time, the Sussexes were said to be "upset and overwhelmed" by the episode.

But while the episode was not complimentary to the pair, a spokesperson confirmed that any suggestion of them being "furious" about the show was untrue.

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"It's all frankly nonsense," a representative for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex told the Guardian, adding: "Totally baseless, boring reports."

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