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Prince William set to step up amid 'harmonious' future vision with King Charles

Expert numerologist Sonia Ducie offers an insight into the monarchical future under Prince William and Princess Kate

King Charles and Prince William in suits and top hats
Katie Daly
Lifestyle Writer
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With King Charles' unexpected health announcement last week, there has been much discussion amongst royal followers about the future of the monarchy. What happens to Queen Camilla if the King passes before her? With a cancer diagnosis, will King Charles abdicate and leave the throne to William? What can we expect from life with Prince William and Princess Kate at the helm? 

Though the King's diagnosis throws up many questions, expert numerologist Sonia Ducie Dip.CSN.AIN. uses her metaphysical background to provide HELLO! with what she calls a "weather forecast", as opposed to a concrete prediction, of what the monarchical future could look like. 

William kissing Charles' cheek at coronation© Getty
William was Charles' liege man at the coronation

"This is a preparation time for Prince William to take on more duties, service, and collective responsibilities as highlighted within his Birth Chart," says Sonia. "King Charles and Prince William both possess exactly the same Life Path Number 47/11/2. This potentially makes for a more harmonious shared vision. This explains the natural closeness and affinity between the two, often evident in public life." 

King Charles and Prince William in feathered caps© Getty
William has supported his father as King

She goes on to explain that the "number 47 highlights a need for healing, taking a practical approach towards goals, endurance, and is a reminder to weigh up and evaluate before making important decisions" which, of course, can be related to the many important decisions to be made as future monarch. 

King Charles and Prince William planting a tree© Getty
William is next in line for the throne

"The 11 provides intuitive sensitivity, passion, love of nature, natural remedies, healthy foods, agriculture, emotional nurturing, love, and warmth," Sonia adds, whilst "number two highlights a need for simplicity, harmony, and peace."

The numerologist goes on to explain the significance of his Year Number where your personal number is generated by adding your birth date and month to the year number 2024. Sonia says William's number is 34/7, explaining: "This makes it a highly significant time for him to express his inner vision and allow his true self to shine through. Number 34/7 highlights fun, creativity, and productivity, whilst the seven may bring introspection, soul searching, and healing. Overall Prince William's Year Cycle is about trust, natural progression, and spiritual growth."

 Charles poses with Prince William and Prince Harry  during the ski break at Klosters in 2005© Getty
Sonia says healing is in William's future

Meanwhile, when it comes to the King, Sonia tells us there is liberation and clarity in his future. "Since his mother the Queen passed it has been a time of massive systematic growth based upon a solid royal structure," she says. "In 2024 the General Year Number is a 26/8 and we are in Week six. 

Kate Middleton's first Christmas with the royals in 2011© Getty
Sonia says Charles is trying to create a solid royal structure

Year 26 + Week 6 = 32; 3+2 = 5. 32/5, which can be a liberating energy, that moves matters forwards, bringing sudden changes that require us to keep on our toes and keep adapting for survival. 

The Prince of Wales with his eldest son Prince William, enjoy a joke with the waiting Media, on the Madrisa ski slopes, above the Swiss village of Klosters.© Getty
William and Charles have a close relationship

"The five helps to bring clarity of mind, common sense, and helps us to explore new ideas," she continues. "It’s also a powerful number for communication and asks us to pay attention to details." Sonia connects the King's numerological liberation to revealing his diagnosis to the public.

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"King Charles has graciously spoken out about his diagnosis and has been highly commended for this gesture," she says. "For centuries, old rule meant the British monarchy were silenced from expressing their opinions or personal information in public…King Charles' liberation of facts in week five paves the way for more positive communication from the Royal Family in the future."

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