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Whether you have blonde hair, brunette hair, red hair or afro hair, HELLO! want to answer all your hair care problems. Whether you're looking for the best hair care products for your hair type or the natural hair care to invest in, this is your first port of call before going anywhere else.

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  • Spotlight on streaks

    Spotlight on streaks

    Streaks and highlights are a great way to give your hair a colour make-over without resorting to a radical dye job, which is why they are one of the…

  • One hundred hairs a day

    One hundred hairs a day

    When you brush and comb your hair do you look with horror at the number of hairs that fall out and wonder if everything's quite all right? The fact…

  • Hair styles and hair loss

    Hair styles and hair loss

    During the summer we're more likely to give our locks a break from the hairdryer and let them dry naturally. But has it occurred to you that we…

  • Hair care for brown hair

    Hair care for brown hair

    From glorious dark chestnut to a lighter shade of mouse, there are a host of tones and colours that come under the umbrella-term 'brown', which…

  • Brilliant hair basics

    Brilliant hair basics

    A long mane of healthy, shiny hair: it's most women's dream. And it shouldn't be hard to achieve if you follow our four simple guidelines: Wash…

  • Take a fresh look at lacquer

    Take a fresh look at lacquer

    Most hairdressers have no qualms about 'finishing off' a coif with a quick spray of lacquer, but it's hard not to associate the product with the…

  • Curly hair: challenges and choices

    Curly hair: challenges and choices

    There's no doubt that naturally curly hair has a character of its own, and those of us with straight hair spend a fortune each year trying to emulate…

  • The answer's a lemon

    The answer's a lemon

    We all know the lemon is high in vitamin C, and that taken with honey it's a traditional home remedy to soothe sore throats. It's also an essential…

  • First aid for summer-damaged hair

    First aid for summer-damaged hair

    Summer sunshine may be good for the spirit, but it isn't always so good for the body. In particular, unless you usually have greasy hair, the chances…

  • The power to end static hair

    The power to end static hair

    There's no doubt that static electricity has the power to ruin a good hairstyle. Sadly, there's no miracle cure for the problem, but there are a few…

  • Summer hair care

    Summer hair care

    In recent years, we've become hyper-sensitive about using sun lotion, creams and moisturisers and generally taking good care of our skin, but we…

  • Colour me healthy

    Colour me healthy

    Did you realise that hair that's been coloured has different needs from untreated hair? More and more of us are opting to add a little light (or…

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