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Find out what happens when Arnold Schwarzenegger comes face to face with an elephant on safari

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Not even the Terminator could stop this angry elephant! Arnold Schwarzenegger proved that he even gets a bit frightened in the face of a wild animal. In a clip posted on his Instagram, thestar posted a video of an elephant charging his truck during a safari.

"I couldn't have written this safari encounter better if it was a movie. I'm absolutely in awe of these beautiful, strong, animals, even though some of us had to change our pants after this," the former California governor captioned the video.
Arnold shared his close encounter with a wild elephant Photo: Getty Images


In the clip, Arnold and the rest of the passengers are stopped in the middle of the road and admire the elephant, while the driver tries to get around the massive animal without scaring it. When the driver turns the car back on, the elephant becomes aggravated to which Arnold predicts its next move.

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"He's going to charge us," the 68-year-old actor says, before the elephant begins to run toward the vehicle. Lucky for Arnold and everyone else, they made it out unharmed. While Arnold made light of the situation, he took time to point out the importance of saving endangered animals. "We need to stop killing them-take a photo, not a shot," he continued in the caption. "Would you rather be able to experience these creatures or a hunk of ivory? I thought so."

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The former body builder has been in South Africa to promote his multi-athletic sports event, The Arnold Sports Festival. During his trip, Arnold showed that not all of his encounters with animals were scary. In fact, he took a fun snapshot while feeding a lion.

"Wait! This lion is stealing my protein."

Elephant Encounter South Africa

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