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The most instagrammed ecotourism attractions in the world

These destinations are stunning

Megan Bull
TV Writer
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Boracay - R.M. Nunes/Shutterstock

In need of some al-desko escapism? Just in time for World Earth Day SaveonEnergy has rounded up a list of the most instagrammable ecotourism attractions around the world, so you can get your virtual travel fix without leaving the house. From the deserts of Jordan to the Lost City of Colombia, Australia's Ningaloo Coast to the beaches of Boracay island, these breathtaking destinations are the epitome of natural beauty - no filter needed. 

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1. Boracay, The Philippines

Picture perfect, Boracay island is the definition of paradise. Named the most instagrammed ecotourism attraction in the world with 2.9 million hashtags, Instagrammers have clearly fallen in love with its pearly sands and cerulean shores. 

Hashtags: 2.9 million

wadi rum

Wadi Rum - Yury_1_2_3/Shutterstock

2. Wadi Rum, Jordan

Revered for its sunset-orange sands, sprawling canyons and prehistoric rock engravings, Wadi Rum is one of Jordan's greatest treasures. Hashtagged 390,000 times, it's hardly surprising that this one-of-a-kind destination is celebrated by bright-eyed instagrammers everywhere. 

Hashtags: 390,000

parque nacional galapagos

Parque Nacional Galapagos - Fotogrin/Shutterstock

3. Parque Nacional Galápagos, Ecuador

Established in 1959 to commemorate the first centenary of the publication of Charles Darwin's 'The Origin of Species', Galapagos National Park is home to some of the world's finest ecosystems. Hosting 45 species of endemic birds, 42 reptiles, 15 mammals and 79 fish species - the park is perhaps best-known for its giant tortoises, which give the archipelago its name. 

Hashtags: 322, 000

siargao island

Siargao Island - Bambara/Shutterstock

4. Siargao, The Philippines

500 miles from the capital of Manila, you'll find the untouched shores of Siargao. An Edenic paradise dotted with sandy beaches, crystal waters and coconut woodlands, this teardrop-shaped island regularly features on the grids of 218,000 travel-obsessed instagrammers. 

Hashtags: 218,000


Suomenlinna - Janus Orlov/Shutterstock

5. Suomenlinna, Finland

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the most popular visitor attractions in Finland, the sea fortress of Suomenlinna was originally built by the Swedes, as Sveaborg, in the mid-18th century. Hashtagged by 210,000 instagrammers, this visually stunning and historically evocative site is beloved by many. 

Hashtags: 210,000

komodo© Photo: Getty Images

6. Komodo National Park, Indonesia

Established in 1980 to conserve the unique Komodo dragon and its habitat, Komodo National Park has since been declared a World Heritage Site and a Man and Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO. Exhibiting one of the world's richest marine environments, think coral reefs, mangroves, seagrass beds, seamounts, and semi-enclosed bays. Harboring Dugong, sharks, manta rays, at least 14 species of whales, dolphins, and sea turtles, Komodo's beauty lies in its biodiversity. 

Hashtags: 154,000

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bunaken© Photo: Getty Images

7. Bunaken, Indonesia

Instagrammers around the world often flock to Bunaken to snorkel and dive amongst the island's vibrant marine life. 

Hashtags: 143,000

lost city© Photo: Getty Images

8. Lost City, Colombia

An archaeological marvel, the Lost City of Colombia brims with diverse flora and fauna. Named one of the best treks in South America, the Lost City trek weaves through the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, where you'll find the Kogui, who still preserve the traditions of the Tayronas, the first inhabitants of the Lost City. 

Hashtags: 89,100

ningaloo coast© Photo: Getty Images

9. Ningaloo Coast, Australia

Part of the remote western coast of Australia, the Ningaloo Coast exudes natural beauty with tropical and temperate marine fauna and flora, including marine reptiles and mammals, as well as  networks of underground caves, lagoons and one of the longest near-shore reefs in the world.

Hashtags: 77, 100

taman negara© Photo: Getty Images

10. Taman Negara, Malaysia

At 130 million years old, Taman Negara's rainforest is the oldest in the world. A tropical oasis, the national park features the world's longest canopy walkway.

Hashtags: 74, 300

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