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I took my family to an Italian Winter Wonderland for a pre-Christmas getaway and it was incredible

We visited the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort in South Tyrol just as the first snow was beginning to fall, and it was what we needed ahead of Christmas

I took my family to an Italian Winter Wonderland for a pre-Christmas getaway and it was incredible
Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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As the clock strikes midnight on the 31st of October - and November officially begins - I always find myself hit by the enchanting rush of the Christmas spirit— very much like Mariah Carey. So, when the opportunity arose for me to discover South Tyrol, a region famed for its breathtaking Alpine landscapes and a haven for avid skiers, I didn’t give it a second thought, my answer was an enthusiastic 'yes'—because who wouldn't want to spend a weekend in an Italian winter wonderland?

Not only was I travelling to a picturesque location, but I would be staying alongside my two children and husband in the invitingly named Feuerstein Nature Family Resort, and it promised to deliver “unforgettable memories”. Spoiler alert: it did.

A man with two boys inside an outdoor pool© Andrea Caamano
All the pools are suitable for kids of all ages and they have a room filled with swimming accessories: goggles, armbands, kickboards and many more

How to get there

Getting to Feuerstein from the UK proved to be a breeze – far more pleasant than enduring a London commute at rush hour. It’s a short flight of one hour and 50 minutes from London Gatwick to Innsbruck, in Austria, and then an hour by car to the resort – you can either hire a car or simply order a taxi from the hotel at €160 each way – the journey is as seamless as it is scenic, with no traffic hindering the breathtaking views. 

Views of Innsbruck from an airplane© Andrea Caamano
Ahead of landing at Innsbruck airport, we were treated to incredible views of the city

Inside the Feuerstein Nature Family Resort

As soon as our car pulled up at the resort entrance, my expectations were immediately surpassed. The reception features a kid’s area filled with toys and engaging activities, making for a completely stress-free check-in. After a quick lunch at their restaurant, which boasts a buffet of gourmet dishes, we were given a quick tour of our room and wasting no time, we headed off to enjoy the resort’s four stunning swimming pools – one featuring an indoor, 100-metre-long water slide. Undoubtedly a favourite with the children. 

A father and son going down a water slide© Andrea Caamano
One of the hotel's four swimming pools features an indoor, 100-metre-long water slide

My husband and I, however, were completely floored by “The View”, their outdoor infinity pool - where we enjoyed incredible views of the snowy mountains. Fear not, the water is always at a constant 28° - 30°C.

The resort's outdoor infinity pool offers incredible views of the snowy mountains© Andrea Caamano
The resort's outdoor infinity pool offers incredible views of the snowy mountains

Areas for children

While our kids wanted to spend the majority of their time hopping from pool to pool, and sofa to sofa (the reception has a sofa area where all the kids ‘hang’ after dinner and run themselves tired), we managed to explore all the other areas for kids – and they weren’t left disappointed.

A boy painting a rainbow© Andrea Caamano
There are many activities that kids can participate in, such as letting their creativity run wild in the Painting Room

First, we discovered the play barn - complete with a bouldering wall, giant trampoline and hay loft. We also spent time in the sports arena, where children can play any ball game they want - be it football, hockey or basketball.

Kids of any age can participate and parents don't have to worry about cleaning the mess © Andrea Caamano
Kids of any age can participate and parents don't have to worry about cleaning the mess

We then moved on to another area in the hotel filled with activity rooms - including a mud room for kids; think sand, water and lots of mess whilst wearing appropriate clothing that will keep them clean, a painting studio, a wood workshop and much more.

The petting zoo

Yes, you read correctly, the resort boasts a charming petting zoo! Here, guests can get hands on with some of the cutest animals including bunnies, chickens, donkeys, and alpacas. There's also a stable which houses magnificent horses - and if you go, please drop in and see my son’s favourite pony, Pedro.

A boy standing next to a young pony© Andrea Caamano
My son enjoyed a pony ride with the adorable Pedro

Youngsters can ride Pedro, and for those with a budding equestrian in the family, private horse-riding lessons are also available at an extra cost.

A boy riding a white and brown pony© Andrea Caamano
My son experienced many firsts during our stay at Feuerstein Nature Family Resort, including riding his very first pony

The food

At first, I was surprised to discover that the food on offer was presented in buffet format, but with so many activities and areas to enjoy in the resort, the buffet system became a game-changer. The convenience of strolling into the restaurant at any time, heading over to your designated table, and enjoying a meal without the hassle of waiting was truly a relief.

The quality of the cuisine is exceptional, with special meals served during dinner, elevating the dining experience. It's worth noting that the hotel goes above and beyond by offering a unique service: a dedicated area where children can enjoy their meals alongside other kids, all under the attentive care of a professional.

The restaurant features vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free meals, as well as the popular children’s classics© Manuel Kottersteger
The restaurant features vegetarian, gluten-free and lactose-free meals, as well as the popular children’s classics

The rooms

Feuerstein Nature Family Resort features 90 rooms catering to families of all sizes and preferences. Ours was the enchanting Family Room Amethyst, perfect for two to five people. It featured all the essential amenities, including a television, a hairdryer and a comfortable sofa. What truly elevated our experience was the spacious balcony with incredible mountain views.

Two boys in a bunk bed© Andrea Caamano
The Family Room Amethyst is 38m2 and features bunk beds - which the kids loved

Whilst my kids revelled in the novelty of sleeping on bunk beds, truth be told, we found ourselves spending the majority of our time away from the room – there is far too much going on outside of it! However, a delightful surprise awaited our kids each night, making bedtime easier – a short story left at the door. Kudos to the team for their meticulous attention to detail.

Wooden chalets in South Tyrol covered in snow© Andrea Caamano
The resorts offers rooms, suites and chalets

Other family activities to experience in South Tyrol

10 minutes' drive from the breathtaking mountain range Colle Isarco, Feuerstein Nature Family Resort is set at an altitude of 1250 metres and has beautiful panoramic views of the mountains and valley. We visited just at the end of hiking season and before the ski lifts opened, but for a family who have never skied but love snow, it was the perfect time.

A woman with her two sons in the snow© Andrea Caamano
The resort is next to an adorable little village called St Antonio

 We didn’t hire a car as we wanted to enjoy all the hotel had to offer and it worked well for us and the time we spent there, four days. However, if your plans involve exploring various hiking or skiing spots, I highly recommend considering a car rental for added flexibility.

A boy standing in the middle of a snowed road© Andrea Caamano
It's worth renting a car if you want to take in the scenic views around the resort

 Family Rooms at Feuerstein Nature Family Resort start at 275,00€ per person (based on 2 ppl sharing) including ¾ luxury board, full access to the spa, 70 hours of childcare per week and much more. Booking via: +39 0472 770 126 

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