Nadia Sawalha's latest Instagram post is emotional - and it made Andrea McLean cry

A lot of parents could related to this

Nadia Sawalha often shares thoughtful messages on social media, and her latest Instagram post made her Loose Women co-host Andrea McLean "weep". The TV personality – who shares a joint account with Kaye Adams – had uploaded a thought provoking memory from a former Disneyland worker, which spoke about their experiences working with children. It read: "Someone who once worked at Disneyland as a face character told me 'When a child hugs you, you don’t let go first. Let them let go when they're ready because you never know how much that child may need that hug in their life.'"

Nadia Sawalha's latest Instagram post was poignant

Comments soon followed, with mum-of-two Andrea writing: "Oh my god, this has made me weep," while another follower wrote: "Reading that made me go all funny inside. Thank you for that. Really made me think." A third added: "This actually broke my heart." Currently, Nadia is enjoying some time off Loose Women with her family, and has been documenting their holiday in Devon on her popular YouTube channel, Nadia Sawalha and Family. The account focuses on everything from film reviews to topical conversations on things such as mental health and blended families, as well as their experiences with home education.

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Nadia and Andrea with their Loose Women co-hosts

For the past few years, both Nadia's children Maddie, 15, and Kiki, nine, have been home educated, and Nadia often talks about their passion for learning and artistic abilities. In 2017, Nadia opened up about her decision to home-school her daughters while talking to HELLO!, where she revealed that they have been "excelling" since they left their private school education. She said: "They struggled in class and really thought they wouldn't excel in anything. But ever since I took them out of school two years ago, they've become more confident and passionate and are brimming with enthusiasm to learn."

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Nadia added: "Kiki wants to be an animator while Maddie has ambitions to act or become the first female director of a big budget action movie. The world really is their oyster. We only have to look at our girls' progress to know we made the right decision." The star also said that they make sure that learning is fun for the girls. "It takes a village to bring up a child. Mark calls us all the Jedi Knights. At home we manoeuvre discussions around [the girls] to talk about plays, films, art and even politics. It's a form of osmosis and it makes knowledge fun."

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