Alan Carr gives up alcohol to support his husband

He's known to enjoy a party or two

Hollie Richardson

TV presenter Alan Carr is known for enjoying a showbiz party with the occasional boozy tipple, but the hilarious star has now revealed he's given up alcohol since marrying his husband Paul Drayton. Talking about Paul, 42-year-old Alan told an audience at a recent gig in London: "He’s been sober for 161 days. I haven’t had a drink during this time either… or a smile." After making the revelation that he gave up alcohol to support his new husband, Alan continued to explain that he didn't even tell his family he was getting married, saying: "I didn’t tell them I was getting married. Oh my God! They went mental." The pair wed in Los Angeles in January this year after being in a relationship for ten years.

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Alan and Paul on their honeymoon

Alan's teetotalism might come as a surprise to fans, after he recently revealed a wild night he spent with Prince Harry. Speaking to HELLO! at the Global Gift Gala earlier in November, he explained that he had once bumped into the young Prince in a nightclub. He said: "I was at a nightclub and Prince Harry was there and he said to me, 'Where are your glasses?' Because I was drunk and I'd lost my glasses. And then I ended up like doing the dutty wine… and I ended up pulling his tie and pulling him on top of me." Wow! He added that Prince Harry handled the situation perfectly, explaining: "But you know what he didn't complain and I didn't get [told off] by his bodyguards so that's really sweet! And I'm really pleased he's with Meghan, I've not met Meghan yet."

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Alan announced his engagement to long-term partner Paul back in September 2016. The popular chat show host said he was stunned when Paul popped the question during a holiday in Indonesia. At the time, the star said the pair would celebrate with a big wedding, telling The Sun: "The engagement only happened last week so we don't know exactly what we will do. But a big old wedding, and we will get Adele singing Someone Like You." Seems they had a change of heart and preferred to say 'I do' with a select few, although a big celebration is on the cards this year.

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