Mel B reveals Holly Willoughby and Emma Bunton 'had a girl kiss' on night out

Who would have thought?

Holly Willoughby and Emma Bunton are the best of friends who often hang out with their celebrity squad including Nicole Appleton, Tamzin Outhwaite and Kate Thornton. The stars go on ladies' lunches and nights out, and it sounds like things got a little wild one time when Holly and Emma shared a "girl kiss".

Emma's fellow Spice Girl, Mel B, spilled the beans during an interview on Heart Breakfast with JK and Kelly Brook. "She's a right good old gossip that one," Mel said of her bandmate. "She knows everything about everything right?"

Holly and Emma "had a little bit of like a girl kiss"

Mel added: "I did that with Holly Willoughby because she told me the night before that they had a night out and had a little bit of like a girl kiss, and then I was on the panel with Holly Willoughby and I went, 'Oh you and Emma you snogged didn't you last night?' She said, 'Why would you say that out loud?' And I said, 'Ooh sorry.' And then they aired it."

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When JK asked if her friends "worry" about her oversharing, Mel said: "I'm just very honest I can't help it. Hence my show, Brutally Honest. Boom get that right in there." Kelly then admitted that she "tried to snog Holly once" but the This Morning presenter "didn't go there". "I didn't try and snog Holly just so you know," said JK, to which Mel agreed: "I didn't try and snog her either."

Holly is also good friends with Nicole Appleton

Holly occasionally shares photos of her girly catch-ups with her famous friends, although the mum-of-three has admitted that her family is her priority. Speaking to HELLO!, she said: "I have become quite good at becoming strict with my time and in everything I do in life. I think people think that I work a lot more than I actually do, I work Monday to Thursday and I always have Fridays off."

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"If I work in the afternoons than I make sure I'm home in time for bedtime," Holly added. "I have to do that, otherwise I go a bit grey inside. I love work but the most important thing is my family and making that right. If that doesn't feel right, I really put the brake on and pull back. Even friendships will sort of go down the pecking order because it's not as important as that really, if I'm honest. If they're true friends, they'll always understand that. I have a group of mums who are friends and we all are on the same page."

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