Loose Women's Saira Khan talks 'ups and downs' with husband Steve Hyde

The couple have been married 15 years

Saira Khan has been married for 15 years – and while she's the first to admit that they have their "ups and downs", the Loose Women panellist is still madly in love with her husband Steve Hyde. Sharing a heartfelt message on Instagram, Saira opened up about their life together in a gushing tribute to her husband and explained the reasons why she thinks their marriage is still going strong after so many years together.

Captioning an image of herself and Steve in their swimwear - the couple and their two kids are currently soaking up the sun on a family holiday in France - Saira said: "15 years married. We're like chalk and cheese but also two peas in a pod. It's our incredible journey against all the odds to have a family that has kept us united and which now brings us great pleasure. We have managed to respect each other's independence and space, whilst adhering to our marriage vows. We've been through our ups and downs, but it's the ability to communicate with each other that has helped us through the tough times. We are not the perfect couple, we still nag each other and sometimes we want to be apart - but we have learnt to compromise and above all it's our shared values that keep us wanting to be a partnership."


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Saira and Steve have been married 15 years

She added: "We don’t measure our marriage based on how much or little sex we have - we base it on how much admiration and respect we have for each other - ultimately that’s what matters. I love you @stevenmhyde and I am very grateful for everything you do for me and the kids. You’re the kindest human being in the whole world. I am a very lucky lady. BTW it’s not our anniversary. I just felt the need to write those words today."

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A post shared by Saira Khan (@iamsairakhan) on

The family are on holiday in France

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It was only last month that the TV star shared the very sweet reason why she married Steve. Speaking to HELLO! at our Star Women Awards, she said: "So many people in my life have helped me. I mean, obviously your parents are really kind to you. But I would say of all the people that I've ever met, one really stands out, and that's my husband and that's why I married him. "I remember I was working in a company and he kind of came in and was this general manager and I just remember, everybody else thought I was quite weird because I was loud and really wanted to get on and get results, and I remember him saying to me, 'You're a rough diamond.' And I'll never forget that, and actually, I ended up marrying him!"

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