Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo dishes up the most brilliant news from the week – watch the video

Stories to smile at

In these uncertain times, we all need a bit of positive, good news and who better to bring it to you than our resident ray of sunshine, Georgia 'Toff' Toffolo. It's an animal-tastic round-up this week from Toff who has chosen her favourites, from the grandma who completed the world's biggest puzzle to the tiny cats born in  Cornwall. There are loads more brilliantly uplifting and interesting stories on HELLO!'s Good News channel but for now, watch our exclusive video with Toff on the stories that have made her - and us - smile this week.

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WATCH: Toff's favourite good news stories of the week

And here's some more of our favourite good news stories that you might have missed.

The adorable 'earless' cat who found her forever home

Missy's operation left her with no ears - but that didn't stop her finding her forever home!

The new malaria vaccine giving hope to millions

A revolutionary new malaria vaccine could save thousands of lives in malaria-stricken areas of Africa.

William Wallace's hidden fort is discovered - by drone

An amazing new study in Scotland has found a hidden fort, built and used by Sir William Wallace and his men.

Rare stingray spotted swimming in Australia

An ornate eagle ray - one of the rarest stingrays - was filmed gliding through the waters around the Great Barrier Reef.

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