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Ruth Langsford defended by fans after Eamonn Holmes makes rude comment about her

The This Morning stars enjoy a good banter!

eamonn and ruth
Andrea Caamano
Andrea CaamanoWebsite Editor
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Ruth Langsford's fans have got her back. The This Morning star took to Instagram to share a video with her nearly one million followers whilst out walking her dog Maggie and made a shocking revelation that got her followers talking.

In the short clip, the TV presenter said: "Evening. Excuse my panting. I am out for a walk with Maggie and then I thought 'no one is around, I might break in to a little run.' Well, I say run, it's a trot. I've done it twice, I am worn out. But I thought, 'I need to do a little bit more cardio, I need to do more cardio.'"

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WATCH as Ruth confesses she wants to start running more

She added, joking: "But I don't really like running very much and Eamonn also says I run like a camel so I try to do it when no one is about."

Turning to Maggie, she said: "And we did it Maggie, didn't we? Should we have another go? Come on then, wish me luck! I have to turn this off now, bye!"

Many of the star's fans praised her for running, but others quickly jumped to her defence, with one writing: "Good for you running like a camel would like to see how hubby would look like. Keep it up Ruth you doing really well." Another one joked: "I know he loves giving out advice, time he did some trotting."

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eamonn ruth sense of humour© Photo: Rex

Both Ruth and Eamonn have a great sense of humour

Another fan reassured her, saying: "Well done. Who cares what you look like you're trying."

Despite the jokey comment, Eamonn has confessed in the past that Ruth is the boss in their relationship and that she enjoys a good banter.

Speaking on The Journey with Pete Snodden podcast in June, the father-of-four admitted: "She's nobody's pushover, she is the boss in our relationship."

Asked how he takes it when Ruth criticises him, the 60-year-old confessed: "She always criticises me. So I usually just say 'oh, give it a rest,' you know. She will say she reigns me back and I will say that I encourage her to be more free.

"But there is no doubt about it, we don't rehearse anything. If we have a humour... I am very thankful that most people in Northern Ireland get the banter and Ruth enjoys the banter."

He added: "Ruth is not the sort of person that would want to make TV her be all and end all of her life. She is much more happy being at home, she is a complete domestic goddess. She loves being a mother, she loves walking the dog...

"I have so much admiration for her but we are different people, who just happen to be married and presenting together," he said as he laughed.

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