Phillip Schofield pictured with huge bunch of flowers on 28th wedding anniversary

The This Morning star came out as gay in February 2020

Phillip Schofield was spotted carrying a huge bouquet of flowers on Monday – his 28th wedding anniversary with wife Stephanie.

The This Morning star, who came out as gay in February last year, has remained incredibly close to his wife, with whom he shares two daughters: Molly, 28, and Ruby, 25.

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While Phillip made the decision to move into his own property in Chiswick in September, he confirmed at the end of last year that he had no plans to divorce Stephanie at present.

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Speaking on Chris Evans's podcast How To Wow in October, Phillip stated: "I'm still married to Steph. There is a great deal of talk of divorce – we have not discussed that at all."

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The TV star added: "With divorce... that has not been discussed. We are picking our way through and however that works and it’s a work in progress. I am a work in progress. Steph is a work in progress."

Phillip shares two daughters with wife Stephanie

When asked by Chris how long he will continue to wear his wedding ring, Phillip continued: "That is a very good question, Chris. I don't know. Because I am still married to Steph.

"It is not in my nature to hurt people and so I have to reconcile myself with the fact that I have done that. Indeed I have done that and I tried very hard not to.

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"I also say, is it possible to come out and not hurt your wife? No of course it isn't. My greatest concern is that she is okay."

The couple have remained the best of friends

Earlier this month, Phillip revealed on the same podcast how his in-laws had reacted to the news of his sexuality.

"My mother-in-law and father-in-law, John and Jill, they are amazing. My whole family, my God, the reaction from all of them was extraordinary," he told Chris.

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"But just before Christmas, well during Christmas, I was cleaning – I clean, when I'm stressed, I tidy up – so I was cleaning a surface at Christmas, wiping it down and Jill, my wonderful mother-in-law, said, 'You are the perfect man, you know'.

Phillip married Stephanie in March 1993

"And I just said, 'No Jill, no I'm not', but it was the sweetest thing to say. So yeah, big support from them."

Chris then read out a text message Phillip received from his father-in-law John, which said: "I may be your Pa-in-law but think of me as your surrogate Pa, and long may it continue… As long as Steph's ok we don't have a problem."

Revealing Phillip's response to the message, Chris added: "Then you text him back, 'Thank you so much, Captain, I'm so very deeply sorry to disappoint you.'" John replied: "Nothing to be sorry for here son, so cheer up!"

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