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Why Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting back together now – and what their future holds

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank reveals all

ben affleck and jennifer lopez video
Ainhoa Barcelona
Ainhoa BarcelonaContent Managing Editor
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The big question that's been making headlines in the celebrity world is whether Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck are getting back together for good, 19 years after they split.

The friendly exes famously got engaged after just four months of dating in 2002 and were one of the most-talked about and most-photographed couples in showbiz.

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Fans were devastated when 'Bennifer', as they were affectionately called, broke up in 2004, but have been rooting for the couple to reunite after Ben and JLo were spotted together on numerous occasions this month. However, is a love story really written in the stars?

WATCH: Are Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck getting back together for good?

Princess Diana's astrologer Debbie Frank spoke exclusively to HELLO! and revealed: "It's very hard for them to let each other go completely. What fascinated me is when they first got together in 2002, the node, which is the karmic point, was there on it and 19 years later, here we are, and it's just been on it again.

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"So I don't think it's an accident that things have been rekindled. But the question is, is it really the big love or is it something about unfinished business?"

ben affleck and jennifer lopez red carpet© Photo: Getty Images

"It's very hard for them to let go of each other," Debbie said

Debbie noted that Ben and Jennifer are both Leos and are compatible in some senses. "On so many levels, they are a match," she said. "They're both Leo Suns, so they enjoy treating each other as the King and Queen of the Hollywood jungle.

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"And more than that, they both have the same Moon in Scorpio. That's a very passionate, intense Moon. So it's very hard for them to let go of each other and they're perhaps always in the back of each other's minds.

"They feel very at home with each other, as well as both understanding what each other needs. They have that Leo sense of being able to put on the razzmatazz and the bright lights. They're both incredibly outgoing, fiery, warm."

ben affleck and jennifer lopez video

"They enjoy treating each other as the King and Queen of the Hollywood jungle," said Debbie

Debbie, however, added: "But they both want to be number one. They're both stubborn, they both think they're right. They're quite hot-headed and impulsive, they have the same signature in their charts."

Disappointingly for Bennifer fans, it sounds like their romantic reunion won't last. Debbie added: "Not being able to get through the tougher times is not exactly conducive to long-term relationships. It might be that it's just a wonderful idea, and they haven't been able to let go of the romance, but I'm not seeing necessarily that this is going to translate into another proposal.

ben affleck and jennifer lopez kissing© Photo: Getty Images

Debbie predicts they'll have a "fun summer" but won't last long-term

"I can really see the attraction, how wonderful it must be for them to fall back together, because they understand each other so well, and to feel that that desire is still there. It's really exciting for them but I'm not seeing anything particularly long-term about it."

As for the not-too-distant future, Debbie predicted that it will be a "fun summer" for the couple. "We've got Mars, the planet of desire, going through Cancer and Leo, across a lot of their planets, so I think they really will stick together for this time and have fun," she said. "And there's an eclipse on this karmic point, the destiny point, on 10 June and I feel that is one of the big deciding factors, so we'll have to wait and see."

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