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George Stephanopoulos' wife Ali Wentworth makes unexpected comment about 'toxic relationships'

The Seinfeld actress and comedian was promoting her Ask Ali podcast

george stephanourpolos ali wentworth unexpected comment toxic relationships
Hannah Watkin
Hannah WatkinContent Writer
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George Stephanopoulos' wife Ali Wentworth made some surprising comments about the nature of toxic relationships while promoting her podcast, Ask Ali.

The former In Living Color star, who married the Good Morning America host in 2001, warned that toxic relationships are like cults in a video which she posted to her Instagram on Thursday.

Ali and George have an excellent and healthy relationship with each other, despite the fact the fashionable actress and host of ABC's The Parent Test once joked about wanting a divorce while live on air promoting her latest book. Find out more about the celebrity couple's love story in the video below.

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But while the actress and comedian may not be in a toxic relationship herself, Ali clearly feels very strongly about warning others of the dangers of being caught in something quite the opposite to her happy marriage. As a result, while promoting her latest podcast on the topic of cults, the TV star had something to say about how to identify the traps of a toxic relationship.

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Speaking to her followers about the dangers of being caught in cults as a whole, Ali explained: "Our culture is obsessed with cults. Religious cults, spiritual cults, political cults – you know, you can be in a toxic relationship – that is a cult."

Ali Wentworth© Photo: Getty Images

The Parent Test host regularly promotes her podcast on Instagram

The 58-year-old then continued to put her comments into context by introducing her new podcast episode's guest. "[On] Ask Ali today I'm talking to a man who was in a cult, who was deprogrammed, and now spends his life deprogramming and helping people get out of cults."

In another post which she shared further advertising Ask Ali, the TV star continued: "'Cults' are everywhere – some harmful and some aren't so much.

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"If you ever thought that yoga 'guru', invasive company, tight social club or even romantic partner has an awful lot of influence… maybe you're right," she finished.

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