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Kevin Bacon's daughter Sosie Bacon seriously divides fans with head-turning photo

Sosie Bacon kisses her cat's nose in sweet photo
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Kevin Bacon's daughter Sosie Bacon has sparked a debate among her 245,000 loyal Instagram followers with her eyebrow-raising photograph on social media. The famous offspring, 31, has set social media alight with a series of photographs alongside her Sphynx cat that she posted on Instagram over the weekend. With tongue in cheek humor, she simply captioned the post: "It progressed."

Sosie Bacon makes kissing face at her cat© Sosie Bacon Instagram
Sosie Bacon sparked a debate among her fans

At first, it started off as a sweet interaction between Sosie and her cat. The first photograph showed the rising star leaning in to kiss her pet on the nose. However, fans were then divided over her next few photos which revealed the cat’s head inside of Sosie's mouth. "No no no no no no. No," one fan wrote, among the sea of comments. "Do you understand what they just licked last."

Sosie Bacon opens her mouth for her cat© Sosie Bacon Instagram
The actress got fans talking about her latest Instagram post
Sosie Bacon kisses her cat's nose in sweet photo© Sosie Bacon Instagram
The post started with a sweet kissing photo

However, many cat owners rushed to her defense saying they had done this themselves. One said: "Nice to know I’m not the only one who does this." Another added: "My Lari girl has loved to stick her head in my mouth (really just her snout) from the beginning. No clue why. It's so weird." Others shared their amusement on the post, saying: "Actual laughing out loud ! Plus - is this your cat ?!"

Sosie Bacon opens her mouth and her cat puts its head inside© Sosie Bacon Instagram
Cat owners jumped to her defense as they said they had done this with their pets

It seems Sosie isn't afraid of a little controversy on social media though because only days before she had posted a picture of herself on the toilet. The actress has been following in her father's Hollywood footsteps into the acting world and she has made him incredibly proud of her as she makes a name in her own right. Most recently, she had success with the horror movie Smile.

Kevin Bacon hits the red carpet in a grey suit and white shirt© Getty
Kevin Bacon is really proud of his daughter Sosie

Late last year, proud dad Kevin opened up about watching his daughter step up to the role and he admitted he didn’t know his daughter had set her heart on an acting career until she was in her early twenties.

Kevin Bacon and wife actress Kyra Sedgwick look glamorous on the red carpet© Getty
Kevin and Kyra Sedgwick are one of the power couples in Hollywood

Kevin told The Hollywood Reporter: "She's great in the movie. She's fantastic. We didn't know she was really interested in pursuing any kind of an acting career. But when she finally, in her early 20s, decided that this is what she wanted to do, she dropped out of college and moved to L.A. and really started doing all the right stuff. Pounding the pavement, doing self-tape after self-tape, and studying.

Kevin and Kyra took a stand on TikTok© Instagram
The couple have two children - Sosie and Travis

"When she got this part in Smile, even knowing how hard she had worked, and knowing she was good, when I saw the movie I was just really taken aback with, not only with how great she was but also how hard that role was, because it’s one of those parts where there is no break. Usually, you start out and the character’s pretty happy for at least, you know, 15 minutes or 20 minutes before everything becomes horrible. But that’s a movie where the stress level is [insane]. I was very proud of her."

Kyra Sedgwick in yellow with Kevin Bacon© Getty
Kevin and Kyra have been going strong since they tied the knot in 1988
kevin bacon cuddles his daughter Sosie Bacon© Getty Images
Sosie and Kevin have a close bond

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