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Holly Willoughby shares rare lookback at baby days as she talks 'pivotal month'

The This Morning presenter founded her official lifestyle and guidance brand Wylde Moon in 2021.

Holly Willoughby shares rare lookback at baby days as she talks 'pivotal month'
Sela Musa
Sela MusaLifestyle Intern
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On Monday, subscribers of Holly Willoughby's lifestyle and guidance brand Wylde Moon received her ponderings for the upcoming week.

The 42-year-old This Morning presenter began her thoughts with the caring and humblingly casual question: "Hi, how're you feeling today?"

Holly Willoughby sitting beside plants© Instagram
Holly Willoughby shares three children with husband Daniel Baldwin

The ask from the mother-of-three felt like a sigh of relief, an opportunity for the reader to just stop and think let's just take a break for a minute.

Holly began by reflecting on the unusual heat of the September weather and brought it back to a maternal nostalgia for her children at a once younger age.

Holly's youngest son making a heart with his hands© Instagram
Holly keeps her children away from the public eye

"There's something quite soporific about the sound of a fan blowing hot air around the bedroom when you're trying to fall asleep. It takes me back to scrolling through white noise apps for sounds to settle the kids when they were babies," the This Morning star said. "I don’t think there was one we didn’t try – the hairdryer sound, the ocean sound, and even the white noise, white noise!"

Indeed, parents worldwide can resonate with the mother-of-three's reminiscence for baby days, with the 42-year-old soon to see her youngest child Chester enter the final year of his first decade, as he approaches his ninth birthday later this month.

But with memories of the past, September is also a "pivotal month" for the future, the TV presenter said.

"The minute it hits, it feels like you're on the path to Christmas...and what comes after Christmas...a brand new year and a fresh start. It's this trajectory, that has got me thinking about those New Year's intentions I made in January. How am I fairing?" she inquisitively asked. "Could I just push a little bit harder to end 2023 with a sense of inner satisfaction?"

Holly made reference to a personal goal which she surely shares with many others: to read more. Giving credit where it's due, she said she hasn't done too badly, and she also has the Wylde Library to thank for that - a collection of books on the official brand's website which is guided by the recommendations of the Wylde Moon community and team. The online library also gives readers the opportunity to submit their own book reviews which will be considered for publication on the website.

Holly Willoughby holding a book© Instagram
Readers can submit their book reviews to the Wylde library for consideration

Elsewhere in her thoughts, Holly highlighted what's in store for the Wylde Moon website this week. The lineup includes 'Practical advice to navigate the tricky feelings of Empty Nest Syndrome', 'How to use the elements to cleanse your aura', '7 trending skincare products that are actually worth the hype' as well as an upcoming new Moonboard which captures the behind-the-scene moments of the TV star's summer.

Holly with flowers© Instagram
Holly is certainly one to follow for flawless skin

The brand's official Instagram page also keeps fans updated with what the week holds. In its post, which tells viewers where to get practical advice to cope with an empty nest, the caption read: "If your children are moving out and away or even just starting school full-time, their sudden absence can present some challenging feelings. This advice from mothers who've been through it as well as from a clinical psychologist should help you, or someone you know, see the positives."

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Keen followers in the comments shared their own feelings. "Enjoy and embrace every change in life! It's part of our being," one fan said.

Wylde Moon, which launched in 2021, generously gives Willoughby followers another perspective into the presenter's life. Her constant presence on British television cements her familiar face in our minds, perhaps even making her feel like a friend, a reliable companion to lean back on. If there's a brand which documents her personal guidance and lifestyle tips, then of course we'll be there.

Holly Willoughby with products from Wylde Moon
Wylde Moon sells a range of products including perfume, wax melts and candles

"May this week be one filled with lots of love, laughter and continued sunshine for you all. Holly x."

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