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Nicole Kidman reveals surprising insecurity she has about herself

 The wife of Keith Urban is a mom-of-two

Nicole Kidman with hair up in nude dress
Faye James
Senior Editor
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Nicole Kidman recently opened up about a surprising insecurity that has followed her throughout her career. 

In a candid conversation on the “Radio Times” podcast, Nicole, at 56, revealed how her stature has been a source of personal discomfort and why it has even led her to lie about her true height.

Reflecting on her experiences, Nicole shared the teasing she endured during her younger years. “I was teased. I was called ‘Stalky.’ They’d always be like, ‘How’s the air up there?’” she recalled. This teasing left a lasting impact, influencing how she perceives her height in both personal and professional settings.

Nicole also divulged that people often express surprise at her height, commenting, “‘You’re so much taller than I thought,’” which has led her to grapple with her appearance, especially in high-profile events. 

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman on red carpet© Getty
Nicole Kidman is much taller than Keith

“Whenever you go on the red carpet, they send the shoes and the shoes are always so high. And I’m like, ‘Do they have a kitten heel? No.’ I’m just, like, going to be the tallest person, the giraffe,” she explained.

In an attempt to blend in and perhaps to avoid drawing attention to her height, Nicole admitted to downplaying it. “I will say I’m 5 ft 10 ½ in when I’m really 5 ft 11 in,” she shared, illustrating the lengths she has gone to in order to feel more comfortable with her height.

Nicole Kidman attends the Balenciaga Fall 24 Show on December 02, 2023 in Los Angeles, California.© Getty Images
Nicole says she often lies about her height

Nicole's height has not only been a source of personal insecurity but has also impacted her acting career. “I want to be small,” she expressed, highlighting the challenges of wanting to fit a certain physical mold in her roles. 

Despite these challenges, she also recognizes times when her height can be beneficial. “I can appreciate my height and use this in my work when it’s related to what I’m doing,” she acknowledged.

nicole kidman keith urban cma awards 2023© Getty Images
Nicole Kidman says she was called 'stalky'

Her height has also contributed to physical health issues. “I’ve had knee issues and all sorts of things, partly because of my height,” Nicole added, pointing out the less often discussed physical repercussions.

Within the industry, Nicole faced warnings that her height could be a barrier to her career. Recalling her audition for Annie, she said, “I was told, ‘You won’t have a career. You’re too tall.’” 

This experience, particularly being measured and feeling “mortified” for being above the height cutoff, left a deep impression on her.

Nicole Kidman attends the Kering Foundation Second Annual Caring For Women Dinner at The Pool on September 12, 2023 in New York City. © Paul Morigi
Nicole was told she was too tall for some roles

As a mother, Nicole is keen on teaching her daughters the importance of inner resilience over external judgments. 

“What does matter is how you allow other people to either say ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to you, and whether you accept that,” she advises them. “That inner resilience as a human being, that’s the superpower, really. Above all superpowers.”

Despite the challenges posed by her height, Nicole Kidman has carved out a highly successful and acclaimed career in the film industry, winning an Academy Award, a BAFTA Award, six Golden Globe Awards, two Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Screen Actors Guild (SAG) Award. 

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