The amazing new app that helps you find a supermarket delivery slot

This is literally a life-changer…

Sophie Hamilton

We all know just how tough it is bagging those elusive supermarket slots, be it for home deliveries or click and collect. Well, time to do a little lockdown celebration because a new app is about to totally transform your life. A website and app called Visual Ping has just come to our attention and it scours the internet so you don't have to – put simply, the site monitors web pages selected by you and notifies you if it detects any changes: ie delivery slots becoming available. Genius.

How do I sign up to Visual Ping?

To get going, you need to sign up at and enter the web address of the website you want it to monitor for you – so you could choose Tesco, Sainsbury's, Morrisons – wherever you want to shop. Then you select how often you want notifications sent to you; it varies from every five minutes to every week. The app will tell you if it has detected any changed on the site, be it small or large, then you can log on to said website to check.


Do I have to pay to use Visual Ping?

The website's starter package is free and includes two checks a day, so 65 checks a month. For more frequent checks, the website offers different pricing plans, starting at £3.23 for 10 pages a day.

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How does Visual Ping work?

The website says its process works by first taking a screenshot of the specified website. They then return at the time you selected, eg one hour and take another screenshot, then compare the two. If there's a difference, they notify you.


How many people are using Visual Ping for supermarket deliveries?

At the time of writing, 2000 people had signed up to the website to monitor supermarket delivery slots. We're sure a lot more will be using the app in the coming weeks.

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