Princess Beatrice's wedding diet revealed ahead of secret ceremony

Beatrice wed Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi in secret

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Princess Beatrice shocked the world when it was announced she had secretly tied the knot with Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi at a private ceremony held at All Saints Chapel in Windsor Great Park on Friday.

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It's thought nutritionist Gabriela Peacock had been helping her prepare for her wedding in the Chapel Royal at St James' Palace on 29 May, which was sadly postponed due to the coronavirus crisis.


Gabriela, who Beatrice counts as a close friend, is reported to have worked with both Prince Harry and Beatrice's sister Eugenie, so undoubtedly also had a major role in the recent nuptials. 

The founder of GP Nutrition recently told HELLO!: "I love to help my friends prepare for big occasions. Beatrice is one of my closest friends and we're all very excited for her." 

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Beatrice will have had plenty of time to cook healthy meals at home and finetune the wedding menu, which is likely to have lots of plant-based options. So, what exactly did a day on a plate look like for Beatrice in the run-up to her wedding?

Gabriela Peacock discussed food fads and her royal friends in HELLO!


6-9am: Breakfast like a King. "Opt for a good sized breakfast that will keep you going," says Gabriela. She recommends eggs with veggies, rye bread or fruit, or protein porridge or granola with unsweetened yoghurt.


11am-2pm: Lunch like a Queen. Gabriela recommends a focus on "lean protein sources, vegetables and whole grains". A well-rounded example would be veggies with chicken, tofu or fish, and quinoa, brown rice or sweet potato. She adds that it's a good idea to make your own dressing such as apple cider vinegar and fresh herbs, since shop-bought products are often high in salt and preservatives.

4-5pm: Mid afternoon snack. Gabriela affirms that snacking is "a great way to stabilise blood sugar levels to avoid energy slumps". Avoid sugary products and opt for high protein snacks such as a cube of cheese with fruit, yoghurt, a small palm of nuts/seeds, a protein powder shake, nut butter and apple slices or hummus and crudités.


6-8pm: Dinner like a pauper. "Keep your evening meal smaller than lunch and breakfast," says Gabriela. White fish, tofu or turkey with steamed veggies and greens will make for a balanced, nutritious meal. 

However, Princess Beatrice may have to make some substitutions when it comes to the meat and dairy aspects of these meals after she reportedly made the switch to veganism. In 2019, the Princess hosted a lavish 31st birthday party with an entirely plant-based menu, including a dairy-free cake - could this mean a vegan royal wedding cake, too?

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Happy, almost joined, birthday to these two ❤️🎉 (sorry again Iris 😉) #LeosRock

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Gabriela Peacock is close friends with Princess Beatrice

When asked for any additional tips, there is a recurring theme in Gabriela's advice: don't do anything dramatic. "This is a time of enjoyment and happiness," says Gabriela. "Not a time of militant restriction. You don't want to be starving before and during your wedding day." She strongly advises against cutting out any food groups and, on the topic of alcohol, she says that consuming a few glasses of wine per week is nothing to lose sleep over.

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As for timing, Gabriela is a proponent of long-term plans over quick fixes. "You need at least two-three months before a wedding to consider a client's gut health and improve through the right probiotics," she says. "Good gut bacteria is important to make sure you don't feel bloated or uncomfortable on your big day." She discourages making any alterations once you reach the two-week countdown since "sudden or extreme changes to diet can cause disruption that may result in bloating, tiredness or inflammation." Favour balance over extremity which may manifest as added stress.

Once you've nailed your food consumption, Gabriela suggests certain supplements to enhance the benefits of a good diet: omega-3 for healthy skin and hair, vitamin B for energy levels, magnesium for sleep quality and GP Nutrition Gold for a combination of all vitamins and minerals, fibre, superfoods and protein.

Gabriela also shared some handy hacks below, which Beatrice is likely to have followed religiously. 

Wedding diet tips

1. Drink a glass of water with lemon juice through a straw. Avoid hot water as this tends to deteriorate vitamin C levels. This will provide anti-ageing benefits, as well as brighten the skin and help fade dark spots.

2. Drink a shot of fresh wheatgrass, or add a shot to smoothies or juices. This will feed your skin with amino acids and antioxidants for a clearer complexion and improved energy levels.

3. Add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar to a glass of water before consuming eggs. These can be hard to digest due to their high protein content and the acidity of apple cider vinegar will create more pepsin, the enzyme needed to break down protein. 

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