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Claudia Winkleman's 5 unusual food habits revealed

The Strictly host dislikes water but loves Maccy D's

claudia winkleman
Sophie Hamilton
Parenting Editor
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Claudia Winkleman is known for her fun, down to earth and kooky personality on Strictly, which she co-hosts with the equally glamorous Tess Daly.

We're always fascinated to discover what our favourite TV presenters eat and drink, and it's no surprise that many famous faces have some rather unusual quirks when it comes to cuisine.

Want to find out about Claudia's foodie likes and dislikes? Read on…

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Claudia Winkleman's water phobia

Yes, that's right, water. Mum-of-three Claudia recently revealed that she has such a dislike of the clear liquid that she won't go near her husband, film producer Kris Thykier, if he's guzzled down a glass.

green jumper© Photo: Getty Images

"I don’t like or believe in water, I won’t have it… I’ve never knowingly had water, I don’t like it," she confessed on podcast Off The Menu. "When people drink it, like my husband drinks great amounts of water, and I really like him but it’s problematic... He’s glugging… I don’t think so."

Oh dear, we wonder what she drinks. We imagine her days are filled with cups of tea and orange squash.

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Claudia Winkleman's sugar rule. And the exception…

Speaking with Metro in 2019, Claudia and Tess discussed their respective lifestyles. Tess revealed that Claudia doesn't drink caffeine or eat sugar – but with an exception.

Tess said: "Claudia doesn’t do sugar. But that might not surprise you. She’s like the polar opposite of me. I’ve always got a bag of Haribo somewhere about my person. I’ve never seen her eat a sweet. She’ll eat cake, though".

biscuits© Photo: Instagram

Claudia Winkleman's fast food love…

With their svelte figures, we'd imagine Tess and Claud snacking on carrot sticks and hummus backstage at Strictly. We love how wrong we are though!

Speaking to Red Magazine in 2016, Claudia revealed that she regularly goes to Tess' dressing room for a post-show dinner: "We always get a takeaway after filming," she said. "Often it’s Domino's but I have been known to eat four Filet-O-Fish from McDonald’s!"

claudia tess© Photo: Getty Images

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Claudia Winkleman's naughty Christmas breakfast…

Just when you thought you couldn't love Claudia any more, she opens up about her Christmas food habits.

"I like to eat brandy butter on toast every morning – can't recommend it enough – and will then have a pre-lunch snack of 20 After Eights followed by a handful of Quality Street," the star told Stylist in 2019.

claudia wimnkleman drink© Photo: Instagram

Claudia Winkleman's late-night snack…

It's good to hear that Claudia indulges in pre-bedtime snacks like the rest of us. In an interview with, the presenter divulged her go-to late bite.

When asked what feast she'd have at that moment, Claudia said: "Right this very second I’d be in Claridge’s bar with my girlfriends. We’d all have too much eyeliner on (pandas forever) and a huge array of cheese straws, olives the size of light bulbs and particularly crisp crisps in front of us. Four Margaritas please, and possibly a cheese toastie at 10pm. Boof."