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Nigella Lawson reacts to hilarious fan story as mum mistakes her for herb

The TV cook was clearly amused

nigella lawson

Oh, we just love this story! It really did make us giggle – and it had the same effect on TV cook Nigella Lawson too.

On Thursday, Nigella posted a recipe for her Lime and Coriander Chicken on her Instagram page.

She wrote of the recipe: "It’s rare for me to choose chicken breast over thigh, but this really works - and I make crackling out of the skin and crumble it over a salad made with ridiculously disparaged iceberg! And coriander-haters: I suggest you use a mixture of fresh mint and dill instead."

Many of the comments from fans were regarding herbs, then we stumbled across this gem…

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WATCH: Nigella pronounces the word 'microwave' 

A follower wrote: "I recently visited my Mum who’s 79 and while cooking with her I mentioned "I love Nigella" (aka you) and she said "Oh love I have some you can take home I don’t use them" (seeds) and presented me with a cute home labelled jar of nigella seeds…"

Nigella doesn't often reply to comments on her Instagram but it appears this story really tickled her, as she wrote: "I love that!"

There is indeed a seed called the Nigella seed which is a spice used to flavour curries and vegetable dishes. The seeds come from the Nigella Sativa plant. What a funny mix up!

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Back in December, Nigella gave us another laugh when she pronounced the word 'microwave' in a very unusual way.

During an episode of her show Cook, Eat, Repeat, Nigella whipped up a delicious looking batch of brown butter colcannon. After mashing potatoes, the chef guided viewers through the recipe and the next step, which was to pour in some heated milk.

"I still need a bit of milk – full fat – which I've warmed in the microwave," she said, pronouncing the household appliance as "me-crow-wa-vay".

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