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9 best pizza ovens for outdoor dining

Make fresh pizza from the comfort of your own home with one of these pizza ovens

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Leanne Bayley
Leanne BayleyDirector of Lifestyle & Commerce
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If you're looking to invest in a pizza oven for the summer days still ahead, you're in luck - because now is the time! For those lucky enough to have a garden or some outdoor space, this is for you...

Pizza oven sales have been on the increase in recent years, with chefs, celebrities and royals all admitting to loving homemade pizza. Thankfully, now it's easier than ever to endulge in a gorgeous homemade pizza with your family at home. An outdoor pizza oven requres minimal cleaning, minimal shopping and maximum enjoyment. What's not to love? 

Luckily, you don't have to spend celebrity prices to get a gorgeous pizza oven worthy of your favourite restaurant. 

How We Chose the Best Pizza Ovens

Price: A summer sipping cocktails and munching pizza in the sunshine is pretty priceless to us, but with the cost-of-living crisis, you may be tightening your belt. We tested a range of price points, and surprisingly you can pick up a bargain pizza oven and they still do the job very well.

Type: Not all pizza ovens were created equal, some are able to be placed on top of a barbeque as a cooking method, whereas others have their own heating element – albeit gas or wood. You'll find a variety in our handy round-up, so you can choose the one best suited to your needs.

Why you should trust me 

Pizza is my all-time favourite food, so much so that I worked as a Pizza Express waitress for 10 years in the early years of my career to help pay the bills (and my TopShop addiction). I used to dine out for pizza but nowadays you'll find me in the back garden with my Ooni pizza oven. Once you get the hang of using a pizza oven you'll wonder how you lived without one. I have enlisted some of my HELLO! colleagues to help with reviewing some of the top rated on the market. 

Deal of the day on a pizza oven

ooni bundle sale

Not only does this Ooni Fyre 12 Bundles Essentials pizza oven have an array of glowing reviews alongside a 'great pizza guarantee' (allowing you to return the oven and receive a full refund if you can't make great pizza), but you can get it now at an amazing price. 

Editor's note: "I have the Ooni Fyre 12 and it's amazing. Actually, I'm jealous of this deal as it features everything you need - I have yet to buy the carry cover but I know I need one, especially for the winter months. It does take time to nail pizza making and ideally you'd have someone on hand to help you. In my family everyone has their job - one sister ensures the fire is rolling and the pellets are being topped up, the other sister holds the door and I prepare and serve."

Best pizza oven… to impress your pals


Rachel Avery, our Homes Editor, road tested the Haloo Revolve Pizza Oven in the hopes of hosting pizza nights forevermore.

"First top tip, don't unbox when hungry as you will realise you need to pop out to buy a gas tank to get it all fired up. But once the hard work sourcing gas was over, it was all plain sailing. I left it to heat up while I prepared my signature tomato sauce, and I only put in once it reached close to 400°C (which is the best advice for perfect pizzas). The mozzarella bubbled and crust browned before my eyes in seconds, and everyone who's seen my creation has now invited themselves over for a pizza night. Because it cooks so quickly, you could easily host a garden full of family and friends and let the rotating design do the hard work while you sip and socialise."

Best pizza oven for... luxury 

lefeu turtle pizza

A luxury pizza oven from Le Feu, the Turtle reaches the perfect temperature for baking pizza in only ten minutes, just like a professional pizzeria oven. We haven't tried this model but the electronic ignition that lights the oven seems like a very easy-to-use feature. When it reaches 400 degrees Fahrenheit (200°C), you can bake pizzas up to 35cm in diameter. The oven has an adjustable flame/heat button and comes with a cordierite stone baking board for achieving a crisp pizza base.

Best pizza oven… for fail-safe cooking


Chloe Ash, our Senior Social Media Content Producer, has given the Witt Etna Rotante oven a go. "As a total pizza oven novice, I was convinced my first attempt would be a total right off, but lo and behold, this user-friendly pizza oven helped me to succeed. On first use, my biggest concern was would I find it such a faff that I'd just turn to my trusty oven to cook my delicious dough instead. 

"With a 15-minute heat up time, my worries were totally defunct, but did the pizza taste any different to being cooked in the oven? The answer is a million times, yes! The rotation of the base means your pizza will always be perfectly cooked, imagine that crispy crust, melted cheese and doughy centre at your favourite Italian restaurant… and that is exactly what I achieved on a Tuesday night in my pyjamas! Plus, the sleek Scandinavian design makes this oven a beautiful addition rather than an eyesore. My verdict? Well worth the money if you're looking to invest in a top-of-the-range pizza oven."

Best pizza oven for... authentic wood fire stone-baked pizza

salter pizza oven

The Salter Wood Pellet 12” Outdoor Portable Pizza Oven was tested by Katherine Robinson, HELLO!'s Senior Lifestyle Editor. 

"Although I’ll hold my hands up and say I have nothing to compare it to, I’m really happy with this pizza oven. It really does cook pizzas deliciously in just 60 seconds - as long as you can get it up to temperature. We did struggle the first time we used it, but we found a handy tip online - point a battery-powered fan towards the firebox - works like a dream! It’s been in demand at family gatherings so the carry bag is great for when it’s doing the rounds. A couple of things to note - make sure you turn your pizza halfway through cooking as it is hotter at the back, and also your pizzas can’t be bigger than 12 inches, or they won’t fit!"

Best pizza oven for... speedy pizzas on the go

la hacienda

The La Hacienda BBQ Pizza Oven simply pops on top of your BBQ so you can make delicious pizza with ease. We've not tried this exact model but online reviews across the internet seem to positive. There's a lot of praise for the crispy base and good customer service. 

Best pizza oven for... celebrity chef approval 

morso pizza

Masterchef judge John Torode fired up some charcoal in his Morsø outdoor oven to enjoy a relaxing evening at home with wife Lisa Faulkner. Sharing a photo on Instagram of his garden must-have, John wrote: "It’s pizza night and the @morsouk is fired up with the wonderful @whittleandflamecharcoal. All sustainable. Great flavour and kind to the environment."

Best pizza oven for... a unique gift

artesa pizza

The Terracotta mini table-top pizza oven is perfect for dipping your toes in the water of pizza ovens. It's cheap and cheerful and serves up delicious mini pizzas. The reviews are pretty mixed so you might want to do some further research to see if's worth the purchase. 

Best pizza oven for... people running low on space

blaze box

This compact pizza oven from Blaze is perfect to just pop on the BBQ. A crowd-pleaser that will elevate family barbecues. The pizza box sits neatly on top of BBQ's and gas grills, converting them instantly into a gourmet pizza oven.


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