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Frida Redknapp wows in striking outfit as she shares rare glimpse inside Surrey garden

Swedish model Frida Redknapp knows how to keep fit

Frida and Jamie Redknapp in gallery
Matthew Moore
Matthew MooreOnline News Editor
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Frida Redknapp has one phenomenal physique and the Swedish model puts a lot of hard work into it, as she demonstrated during the week with a challenging workout.

For the routine, she donned a skintight blue sports top that showed off her incredibly toned abs and a pair of skintight leggings that hugged all of her curves. She utilised the entirety of her garden in order to work out, using dumbbells and equipment that allowed her to keep her balance while she did a plank. But despite all the hard work she put in, Frida never appeared to be out of breath!

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The post gave a glimpse inside the Surrey home that she shares with her family, with the walled garden featuring a small goal and footballs, perfect for young Raphael to practice his kicks.

Frida appears to be a keen gardener with plenty of tulips growing in the rows by her wall, and even a palm tree beginning to sprout up. One of her walls even had a garden so that she could keep an eye on her technique while she worked out.

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Sharing some tips with followers, she penned: "These are typical sessions that I do 3 times weekly. On the other days I try to do some yoga, a cardio session of some sort (to sweat), go for brisk walks etc. I give myself at least one rest day per week.

"How my session is usually set up: I do 3 rounds of each exercise and I divide it into 3 blocks. 10-15 reps of each exercise. Carefully watch your posture and your breathing, don’t rush it. Engage your core."

Frida Redkanpp exercising in the garden
Frida showed off her garden - and incredible workout technique

She continued: "I do use weights. I think it is important to use weights to stay toned, BUT if you’re just getting started, just use your bodyweight OR really light weights. There is no point going heavy from day one, plus you can also get injured so be careful!! Take it slowly and build it up week by week.

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"My biggest advice is to be consistent with your workout routine. It is key! Try to find a routine that fits into your weekly schedule. If you only have enough time to train for 20min on some days (we are all busy) that is better than nothing. Try not to skip it. Once a good routine is in place ,that works for you, you will gradually start to see results and that is the greatest feeling. I personally train to feel strong, energetic, alert and mainly to keep up with my many kids. Home workouts are great."

Frida Redknapp holding a baby inside wooden kitchen
Frida often shares glimpses inside her home

Her husband was one of the first to comment, as he joked: "Playing football too I see, well done," and a second shared: "Wow you look incredible, watching you is a real inspiration thank you for sharing."

Frida's home workouts often give her followers a chance to see inside her home and last month she did a workout from her living room.

The mum-of-five has a beautiful wood-panelled floor that matches a large wooden unit positioned up against the walls, which are painted grey. And in the centre of the wall is a striking piece of artwork that appears to show a table with a speaker system set up underneath.

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