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Salma Hayek, 57, is a vision in white as she steps out in figure-hugging gown

 The Black Mirror star is married to Francois-Henri Pinault

Salma Hayek, 57, is a vision in white as she steps out in figure-hugging gown
Faye James
Faye JamesSenior Editor
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Salma Hayek, the iconic actress who has gracefully embraced her age, made a striking appearance at the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) during the premiere of El Sabor de la Navidad. 

The event took place on Wednesday, and Salma, who recently celebrated her 57th birthday, was truly the epitome of elegance.

Adorning a meticulously fitted white gown that lovingly embraced her curves and cascaded into an elegant train, Salma was the epitome of grace and elegance. 

Enhancing her ensemble, she chose a textured clutch in shades of jade green and white, complemented by statement jewelry and a vivid red lip. 

 Salma Hayek attends the "El Sabor de la Navidad" premiere © Robert Okine
Salma Hayek attends the "El Sabor de la Navidad" premiere

Her hairstyle mirrored the sophistication of her attire – sleek, straight tresses elegantly parted in the center. With a smoky-eyed makeup look and a hint of radiant blush, Salma was the perfect blend of classic and contemporary.

However, her appearance at TIFF bore significance beyond just the premiere. The backdrop was the ongoing Hollywood strikes, with the Writer's Guild of America and SAG-AFTRA unions staging protests against the studios. 

Despite not starring in the film, Salma, in her capacity as the producer, showed solidarity by donning a SAG-AFTRA shirt during the festival, as mentioned by The Hollywood Reporter.

Salma is a vision in white© Isaiah Trickey
Salma is a vision in white

Conveying her commitment to the cause, she told the outlet: "I received permission from the union to appear at TIFF for the film." 

The Christmas-themed movie revolves around a Mexican family's holiday celebrations in the nation's capital. Diving deep into the plot, Salma shared with THR: "Misunderstandings in families have to do with generational differences. It’s not only a Spanish (language) film but a distinctly Mexican one. We're profoundly grateful to showcase it in Toronto, with the union's support, for without their permission, I wouldn’t have come."

Salma Hayek attends the "El Sabor de la Navidad" premiere© Isaiah Trickey
Salma Hayek attends the "El Sabor de la Navidad" premiere

The narrative of the movie weaves three distinct storylines, with one particularly poignant plot focusing on an estranged daughter's hope to mend fences with her family. Reflecting on this storyline, Salma expressed to Variety: "With family, acceptance often precedes understanding. However, it's essential to reach that understanding, ensuring love without reservations rather than mere tolerance."

Adding depth to this perspective, the film's writer, Jose Tamez, remarked: "I intended to portray three narratives centered around love. As a member of the gay community, this story deeply resonated with me. I believed its universal appeal would touch hearts, irrespective of personal circumstances."

Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek laughing together on the red carpet© Getty
Francois-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek have a wonderful partnership

El Sabor De La Navidad is a brainchild of director Alejandro Lozano, starring the talented Mariano Treviño, Pamela Almanza, and Andrés Almeida.

Beyond TIFF, Salma's recent days have been filled with gratitude and reflection. She marked her 57th birthday with a series of stunning beach photographs, capturing serene moments in the ocean and playful times on the shore. 

Expressing her heartfelt sentiments, she shared: "I'm so happy to be alive and profoundly grateful for all blessings – my cherished family, treasured friends, robust health, the fulfilling work, my empowering team, the bond with animals & nature, and the unwavering love of all my fans." Wrapping up her post, she joyously exclaimed: "Happy 57th birthday to me!"

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