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Blue Ivy, 12, towers alongside her dad Jay-Z onstage at the Grammys - and she looks so grown up!

Blue Ivy’s mom Beyonce was also in attendance

Blue Ivy looks so grown up!
Faye James
Faye JamesSenior Editor
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The 66th Annual Grammy Awards will forever be etched in the annals of music history, not solely for the accolades and performances but for the poignant moment when Jay-Z took to the stage with his daughter, Blue Ivy Carter. 

On February 4, 2024, at the Arena in Los Angeles, the duo presented a powerful image of familial unity and emerging individuality. 

At only 12 years old, Blue Ivy stood tall, almost eye-to-eye with her father, a clear sign of her rapid journey into adolescence, and a visual testament to her looking so grown up.

Clad in an elegant off-white satin dress, Blue Ivy exuded a sophistication beyond her years. Her outfit featured off-the-shoulder sleeves, a cinched waist, and a structured skirt, combining princess chic with a hint of fashion-forward sophistication. 

US rapper Jay-Z (L) accepts the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award alongside his daughter Blue Ivy on stage during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards © VALERIE MACON
US rapper Jay-Z (L) accepts the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award alongside his daughter Blue Ivy on stage during the 66th Annual Grammy Awards

Her white ankle boots added to her height, and her hair, styled in cascading braids, reflected her unique personal style. Fans noted how grown up she looked. "Blue Ivy is growing up right before our eyes. #Grammys," wrote one on Platform X. "Blue ivy is so big #Grammys," commented another. 

Jay-Z, dressed in his signature all-black ensemble, stood proudly beside his daughter, holding the Dr. Dre Global Impact Award—an honor recognizing his profound influence on the global music landscape. 

In a heart-to-heart with Gayle King on CBS Mornings, Jay-Z offered rare insights into his relationship with Blue Ivy. 

Jay-Z and his daughter Blue Ivy share a close bond© VALERIE MACON
Jay-Z and his daughter Blue Ivy share a close bond

Discussing the family's opinions on his changing hairstyles over the years, he revealed a tender slice of their everyday life.

 "Rumi was the last one to sell me out because she was with me. I'm like 'I'm cutting my hair guys, I'm preparing them for it, and Blue's just going crazy. She's like 'No dad, you can't cut your hair! It's part of who you are,'" he shared, echoing the sentiments of a loving and slightly amused father.

The Brooklyn Public Library provided the backdrop for Jay-Z's candid interview with Gayle, where he also discussed Blue Ivy's brave foray into the world of performance during Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour. "I got goosebumps," Jay-Z confessed, reflecting on the pride and awe he felt watching his daughter face the audience, a mix of nerves and excitement visible in her young eyes.

Blue Ivy looks so grown up!© Kevin Winter
Blue Ivy looks so grown up!

Blue Ivy's life, marked by the unique circumstance of being born to two of the world's most famous personalities, has not been without its challenges. 

Jay-Z acknowledged this, saying, "Blue's been born into this world that she didn't ask. She's been born into a life she didn't ask for. So since she was born she's been in, like, scrutiny and public eye, and everyone having an opinion." Yet, it's clear that Blue Ivy is navigating her path with the support and guidance of her parents.

The close bond between Jay-Z and his daughter was further highlighted when he spoke of Blue Ivy's growing appreciation for her father's cool factor, which had been momentarily in question during her younger years.

Blue is almost as tall as her dad!© JC Olivera
Blue is almost as tall as her dad!

 "Blue, she's been fronting on me a little bit... but I catch her in the corner. You know now she asks me if I think this is cool, like my opinion on the sneakers she's wearing. She's come back," Jay-Z expressed with a smile, revealing the ebb and flow of their father-daughter dynamic.

Together with Blue Ivy, Jay-Z and Beyoncé have also navigated the upbringing of their twins, Rumi and Sir, maintaining a balance between their public personas and private lives.

This delicate balance has allowed Blue Ivy to grow into her own person—one who, despite the spotlight, works hard for her moments on stage and seeks the reassurance of her father in small, everyday interactions.

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