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What are constellation piercings? Expert tips on how to curate your ear jewellery

Curating your ear jewellery is trending...

Constellation piercings have grown in popularity over the last few years, with many curating their ear jewellery with several piercings along the ear lobe for a pretty and stylish effect. More and more people are going out and getting their ear gear - but what do you need to know about it before getting the glam look? Here're all the details... 

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Should constellations piercings be done at once? 

According to piercing expert Svetlana at luxury jewellers Lark & Berry, you can make a good start on getting constellations piercings by having a maximum of four done at once. She explained: "The body can heal three to four piercings at a time. When doing multiple piercings at once, a conversation about the customer’s pain tolerance is very key, as everyone is different.

Constellations piercings are a gorgeous trendy look

"Some people do, indeed, opt for all desired piercings to be done in one go. Those are often the ones determined to leave the appointment looking cool as possible, right away. They’re ready for the social media share straight after! 

"Regardless of the number of piercings one gets, it’s always very important to follow the aftercare instructions given by an experienced piercer." 

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How long do cartilage piercings take to heal? 

According to the experts, lobe piercings take up to two months to heal, while cartilage takes much longer at around nine to 12 months. Svetlana said: "The most common mistake people make is assuming a piercing is healed before that period. It can seem that way, but only from the outside. The inside is still fragile! Changing your earring earlier than advised will only bring unnecessary complications."

Here's your guide to different piercing areas on your ear

What should you avoid after getting your new piercing?

The founder of Laura Bond Jewellery, Laura Bond, chatted to HELLO! about what not to do after getting your new look, saying: "It’s important to avoid sleeping on your new piercing and also avoid anything that might aggravate it like twisting or knocking it. You need to be extra careful with things like headphones and masks. You shouldn’t change the piercing jewellery until your piercer says it’s safe to. It’s important to avoid touching your piercing but if you must then make sure you give your hands a good wash beforehand." 

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Of course, be sure to remember to clean the piercing properly too! Laura explains: "A simple saline solution will do – never use chemicals like alcohol as they're way too harsh and will irritate the piercing. Dab the piercing gently with some kitchen roll dipped in saline solution and carefully brush away any build-up of debris. It’s also important to dry the piercing after cleaning it with a clean paper towel or the cold setting on a hairdryer." 

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What are constellation piercing trends in 2022?

Laura revealed that since the pandemic, more people are keen to get multiple piercings at once, and also noted that she has spotted Daith piercings, trigs and conch to grow in popularity. 

Veto Sapphire Small Hoop, £189, Lark & Berry


Lark & Berry's piercing specialist Svetlana also suggested that helix hoops with a charm is a "very chic look". She added: "Labrets with coloured stones like emerald, ruby and all colours of sapphires are perfect for any piercing on the ear. They will complement any skin tone and hairstyle. A mismatched look is always the way to go. Don’t be afraid to experiment! Every look is unique and matches the personality of the customer. It’s safe to say there is no wrong way of styling your ear." 

Modernist Diamond Labret Earring, £195, Lark & Berry


Should I get my tragus pierced? 

Tragus piercings have grown in popularity, but Svetlana warns to exercise caution when going for the look. She said: "[Tragus piercings can make] using earphones really challenging (as in, the kind that totally cover one’s ears). We actually recommend customers don’t use those types of earphones at all for the first few months after the piercings." 

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