X Factor favourite Louisa Johnson reveals who she thinks will really win

Ever since the live shows started, Louisa Johnson has been pitted as the frontrunner to win this year's X Factor competition. But the bright-eyed girl from Essex has revealed who she thinks will really come out victorious – her fellow contestant Che Chesterman.

Speaking to HELLO! Online backstage before last week's shows, Louisa admitted: "It's really hard to say who will win but I think Che. He's amazing. I love him. He's like my best friend. Everything about him – he's just so on it and so amazing. I would buy his album tomorrow.

"But I'd also buy Reggie N Bollie's – I love them! I listen to their music a lot. But who's going to win this year? It's so hard to tell."

Che chesterdraws 💜💜

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Louisa Johnson has predicted that Che Chesterman will win this year's X Factor

The 17-year-old has made it through to the final four, with the help of her mentor Rita Ora.

"She's so nice," said Louisa. "She's just so welcoming and you feel like you can talk to her about anything. She's just like a mum but also like a sister. You can't really tell your mum everything but you can tell you sister everything. I love our relationship."

If given the chance, Louisa would happily duet with the I Will Never Let You Down singer.

"Singing with Rita would be amazing!" she said. "I feel like we'd really connect on stage because we vibe off each other really well."

Rehearsalz 💁🏼 SO excited for tomorrow @ritaora 😁

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"She's just so welcoming and you feel like you can talk to her about anything," Louisa said of her mentor Rita Ora

Her big dream is to duet with Beyoncé though – an international pop star she has looked up to since she was a little girl.

"She's amazing. I've always loved her," said the blonde beauty. "She's such an obvious person to say but ever since I was little I've always looked up to her. The way she is – she really inspires me. She's works so hard, she's in control and I want to be like that."

"I want to work my way up," she added. "I don't want to get chucked in at the deep end. I want to work hard. I want to record albums and write my own songs and then do arena tours and travel the world. I want to experience what it's like to work hard. I don't just want it easily. I want to work for it."

The 17-year-old added: "Beyoncé works so hard, she's in control and I want to be like that"

If she hadn't been given Rita as a mentor, Louisa would have been happy with all the other judges, especially Simon Cowell who she has likened to her dad.

"At first I did want Simon or Rita but as the weeks have gone on I think they're all amazing," she said. "Nick Grimshaw is absolutely hilarious and he really interacts with people. Cheryl is just so lovely, I've never met anyone so nice. And Rita and Simon are proper hands-on. I think that any one of them would have been good!"

"I really appreciate that people think I'm the frontrunner," she added. "But I just don't really like to dwell on it. I just want to focus on myself and get better and keep stepping my game up. Dwelling on me as the favourite won't improve me as a singer."