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People had mixed feelings about the Great British Bake Off's Vegan Week

What did you think about Vegan Week?

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The Great British Bake Off's first ever Vegan Week took place on Tuesday, and while some fans were delighted to see the bakers using only vegan products on their bakes, others were quick to make jokes about baking cakes without using eggs or milk. One person wrote: "#VeganWeek on #GBBO means a lot to me as a dairy allergy sufferer. The growing popularity of veganism has made it possible for me to eat at restaurants with ease, buy (many) cookbooks and now feel part of one of my favourite shows," while another added: "Really hoping this helps inspire people to try vegan or even dairy-free baking! You can be so creative with ingredients & flavours and make food that tastes banginnnnn."


What did you think about Vegan week?

However, others were unhappy by the portrayal of veganism in the episode, with one person writing: "You know why have vegan week if not even the judges are taking it seriously. Rather than showing everyone how delicious and easy vegan food can be they're acting as if it's an impossible challenge. It's just substituting animal fat and binding agents with plant based options."

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Others discussed the bakes, suggesting that they weren't the best creations to reflect veganism. One person tweeted: "Every time they cut into these vegan cakes, it looks like they’re cutting in to a mattress," while another joked: "So I think we can conclude that vegans should not be allowed to bake." Speaking at a Q&A ahead of the series, Paul opened up about the special week, explaining: "We wanted something different and something to represent what was happening in this country. Veganism is something that seems to be growing. That's why it is in… If you are a vegan or you’re thinking about it and are just worried about how it is going to change your life, watch it and see. It fascinated me, totally … shocked me as well."

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