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Viewers have been loving watching Bradley Walsh go on an adventure around America with his son, Barney, for their travel show, Breaking Dad. The fourth and final episode in the series, which airs on Wednesday night, sees the pair travel to New Orleans to take part in a Mardi Gras parade – and the pair are soon in hysterics after meeting another parade goer who makes an impression!


The pair will take part in a Mardi Gras festival

In a sneak peek clip of the episode, the pair agree to take part in the parade and are choosing costumes, with Bradley joking: "I've made it all the way here to New Orleans at the end of our trip and I'm dressing up like Frankie Howerd," when they meet Kelly, who was also taking part in the parade. After the Doctor Who actor sits on a throne-style chair while chatting to her, Kelly kneels down and began to kiss his ring, much to the amusement of his son, Barney, who begins hysterically laughing. After she leaves, a bemused Bradley asks: "What just happened? What is going on? This place is nuts."

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During the Louisiana episode, the pair also take a trip on a steam boat, meet a Voodoo High Priest for energy cleansing, and go boating with alligators. The captain of the boat, Billy, reveal that they can feed the alligators from the side of the boat, explaining: "It doesn't happen overnight, it takes me years to get them to come to the boat... Eventually they see that I'm here to feed them not to hurt them, so it takes a little while, a year or so." Speaking about a future series at the end of the episode, Barney jokes: "We've had a proper adventure! Maybe next year a different country?!"

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