Death in Paradise star reveals what it is REALLY like filming the show

Filming in the Caribbean six months of the year? Sounds terrible!

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Death in Paradise is over for another year, and one of the stars of the show, Ruby actress Shyko Amos, has opened up about what it is really like filming in the Caribbean for six months at a time. Being paid to work in the Caribbean sounds like a dream to most of us, and Shyko admitted that she was loving it and couldn't see herself getting bored any time soon!


The cast film in the Caribbean for six months

She told HELLO!: "I am very much in the euphoric feeling… right now I am living the dream. I really enjoy when [my friends ask about work] that I am off to the Caribbean! My friends come and visit -last year I had so many visitors. [I told them] I am not going to be around, I'm going to be in work, but come [stay] and have a good time, it was fun!" She added that her friends would often visit the set, adding: "They definitely would come on set once or twice. We are on the smallest part of the island, it's very untouched and there are about four restaurants, so we all end up in the same place because the cast and crew, it's like 80 people. You end up eating, drinking at the same places."

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Speaking about the small part of the island where they film, she elaborated: "There's a main beach and hotel, the Fort Royal- so that's where all the crew stay. So when you go there for Reggae Thursdays it's really cool and on a Sunday I've started tennis lessons and it's all so fun!" Shyko also revealed that a reason for Josephine Jobert's departure from the show was the long months filming abroad. She said: "What the audience don't see is being six months away from home is a long time. She's been doing the show - I think this is her fifth year - so your priorities change."

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