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Find out why Jodie Whittaker really left her role on Trust Me

From one quirky doctor to another...

Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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Trust Me season two begins on Tuesday night, and introduces How to Get Away with Murder star Alfred Enoch as the new protagonist of the hospital drama. The actor will play a paralysed army veteran who is being cared for in a ward where patients keep mysteriously dying. Alfred, who also played Dean Thomas in the Harry Potter franchise, took over the main role from Jodie Whittaker, who played a failed nurse who pretends to be a doctor in season one. But why did the Doctor Who star leave the show? Find out here…

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JodieWhittakerTrust1© Photo: BBC

Alfred Enoch is the new star of Trust Me

Although the actress was praised for her role as Dr Ally Sutton AKA Cath Hardacre in the first series, the star bowed out of the show thanks to her commitment to playing the ultimate doctor, Doctor Who! She is currently filming the popular sci-fi show's twelfth series, meaning that she wouldn't have time to return to Trust Me due to scheduling conflicts.

JodieWhittakerTrust2© Photo: BBC

Season two starts on Tuesday night

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Speaking about her exit from the show, Trust Me writer Dan Sefton revealed that they would incorporate why she left into the story, telling Radio Times: "We knew when we were creating it that obviously Jodie had moved on to that role and to do something different. So it sort of just came to me in a flash, and I thought, well, it's kind of fun – it fit with the character [of Danny] – so we have a bit of a nod and a wink to the history of Trust Me. It was kind of deliberate. I was kind of like, this is going to wind a couple of people up. But the little Doctor Who nods do continue a little bit longer, so it becomes part of the plot… it’s how [Jamie] unlocks the iPad and stuff like that. It’s more than just a nod." 

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