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Exclusive: Big Little Lies twins Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti talk playdates at Nicole Kidman's house and bonding with Meryl Streep

The talented actors spoke to HELLO! about working on Big Little Lies

big little lies nicole kidman twins
Hanna Fillingham
US Managing Editor
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Big Little Lies has got everyone talking, and there is no doubt that two of the stars of the show are twins Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti, who play Nicole Kidman's twins Josh and Max. The actors had the best time on set, and spoke to HELLO! about what it was like working with their famous co-stars. The pair get on so well with their on-screen mum, that they even go for play dates with Nicole and Keith Urban's two young daughters, Sunday and Faith – who both had a small role in the show themselves. "Whenever they [Nicole and Keith] are in town, we try to do playdates with their two younger daughters. Nicole and Keith are so cool having us over. It's like going to anyone else's house for a playdate," said Nicholas. "Or sometimes, they do movie nights where Ivy and Chloe are there and we all watch movies together."

big little lies

Cameron and Nicholas Crovetti play Josh and Max in Big Little Lies

"She is like family," Cameron added of Nicole. "She is one of the kindest women in the industry. We had a really intense scene together and she was just as concerned about helping me with my performance as much as her own. She is that giving of an actor."

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The twins also got to work alongside Meryl Streep – who joined the show this season to play their grandmother, Mary Louise. Cameron recalled the first time they met the Hollywood actress: "The first time we met her, she came into the green room and we didn't even recognise her," he said. "She was wearing a wig, glasses and fake teeth. She brought us a Jenga set and sat right on the floor and started playing with us in order for us to bond. We all laughed about having to wear fake teeth and how we were all nervous talking with our fake teeth on our first day of filming. It's not easy to talk with fake teeth. You have to learn to talk correctly with them in."

meryl 1

The twins have a great bond with their co-stars Nicole Kidman and Meryl Streep

Nick added of working with Meryl: "She was incredible to watch. We had to do this scene where she screams. She had to do it over and over. The Assistant Director even came over to us and said Meryl might not scream for the takes where the camera was on us and we would have to just pretend she was screaming. Well, when the camera turned around on us, she screamed just as big and emotional as she had for her takes. Not all actors will do that. I will never forget that and hope when I am an adult actor, I will always remember to be as giving an actor as Meryl is."

big little lies cast members

The entire Big Little Lies cast are great friends

It sounds like it was a lot of fun on set, and both Cameron and Nicholas revealed that they had made friends for life with the cast and crew of the show. "We hang out with the kids whenever they are in town. We see Ivy [George]'s family about once a week. Then the Big Little Lies crew would have parties during filming. It was a way for us all to get together and have fun, even during filming," said Cameron. Nick added: "The dance 'The Floss' came out during the time we were filming. Every once in a while, we would cut a scene and people would spontaneously break out into 'The Floss' – it was so funny to see Reese Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley do it."

big little lies cast

The show is currently in its second series

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The twins have plenty to keep them busy now that they have finished filming Big Little Lies. The pair are currently working together shooting a horror film, and are also working on individual projects. Nicholas is set to star Sound of Philadelphia, while Cameron teased: "I am currently closing a deal for a big television show, but I can't say which one."

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