First reactions are in for Beecham House – is it worth the watch?

What did you think of the new ITV drama?

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Fans and critics alike have given their thoughts on the first episode of Beecham House, ITV's latest drama, and it looks like the show has had a fairly mixed reception so far. Written by Bend it Like Beckham screenwriter, Gurinder Chadha, the series follows a John Beecham, who moves to Delhi to begin a new life with his family and become a member of the trading community, all while haunted by his past.


What did you think of the new series?

Speaking about the series, one person wrote: "Visually beautiful, but I'm bored witless with the lack of story so far," while another added: "Terrible acting, awful dialogue, stereotypes and 2D characters everywhere. So much talent out there but Gurinder Chadha gets the big budget and blows it on a revisionist 'story' - wasted opportunity." However, others enjoyed the show, with one writing: "#BeechamHouse is off to such a promising start. Beyond stunning visuals, moving nicely through the tricky introductions stage... Yep, Sunday evening sorted for the next few weeks!" Another added: "The last minute of the #BeechamHouse easily stole the show."

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The next episode will air on Monday

Speaking about the series, Gurinder told ITV: "Beecham House is a passion project that is driven by my commitment to telling diverse, emotionally engaging stories for mainstream international audiences… I am assembling a vibrant cast of British and Indian actors to play original characters that will appeal to global audiences hungry to see stories from a unique point of view. I grew up with Raj dramas like Jewel in the Crown, The Far Pavilions and A Passage To India. Beecham House is my chance to tell those stories from a British Asian perspective." The next episode of the six-part drama will air on Monday and every Sunday after at 9pm on ITV.

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