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What will happen in the Big Little Lies season finale?

We don't want the show to end!

big little lies season finale
Hanna Fillingham
Hanna FillinghamUS Managing Editor
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It's the Big Little Lies season finale on Sunday night, and there's still so many questions and answers to resolve in such a short amount of time. Will Bonnie confess to pushing Perry to his death? And just what will Celeste manage to get out of Mary Louise as she brings her to the stand in their increasingly vicious battle for custody of the twins? A teaser for the finale teases just some of the possible outcomes, as a clip pans around the courtroom with the Monterey Five waiting to watch Celeste and Mary Louise's trial continue. The twins also make an appearance in the court as they enter hugging Mary Louise – does this mean she's been granted custody of them? Or are they saying goodbye to her?

big little lies mary louise twins

Just what happens in the court room in Big Little Lies?

The entire series has been referencing water too, with a lot of shots of the bridge and the waterfront, along with Bonnie's mum Elizabeth's visions of somebody drowning – which she mentioned when she was first introduced to the series in episode two, Tell-Tale Hearts. She then told her daughter: "I see you drowning right now, in a way." In the next episode, The End of the World, Bonnie's troubled childhood is explored in a flashback, as we see her as a child being scared to put her head underwater in a pool. Her mum then shoves her head underwater. Celeste also told Mary Louise in the second episode that Madeline once saved Max from drowning. With all the references, many viewers are convinced that either Bonnie or Mary Louise will end up drowning – either physically or metaphorically – by the end of the series.

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meryl 1

There are many questions that need answering before the end of the series

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Other questions that need answering include the outcome of Renata's marriage, whether Madeline and Ed's marriage will survive, and just how genuine is Jane's new boyfriend? Fans were devastated after it was announced earlier in the month by HBO's Casey Bloys that a third series would be very unlikely due to the cast's busy schedules, but many viewers are hoping that this will change. Casey had told TV Line: "I love this group of people – I would do anything with them. But the reality is, they are some of the busiest actresses working in Hollywood."

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