Danny John-Jules gives exciting update on Red Dwarf reboot

We're so excited for the Red Dwarf reboot!

Danny John-Jules has opened up about the future of the Red Dwarf reboot, and has revealed that the show will be going ahead, but at the moment they are "waiting to get everyone signed up". Chatting to Metro, the former Strictly star revealed all about the upcoming new episodes of the popular sci-fi comedy, saying: "It's gonna be funny. We're just waiting for the ink and the stamps to go down. I'm doing my one-man show so I'm not really concentrating on Red Dwarf. I'm not in Cat mode because I can do that like a light switch. Right now it's about trying to get everybody signed up."

Danny opened up about the reboot

He also revealed that he was quite happy with whatever the writers come up for his character, Cat, explaining: "I never ask anybody to write anything. I never have in 31 years. I've never asked for more lines. When my character was the smallest I never asked for a bigger part. Why tamper with success? […] The actors are all dedicated to their characters and that’s why it works. There’s not any magic." Danny also previously opened up about potentially returning as Dwayne Myers in Death in Paradise, telling the Express: "It was one of the greatest roles that I’ve had. [To] have another show that was as successful as [Death In Paradise], I couldn’t ask for anything more. But the draw to Red Dwarf is more powerful than the draw for Death in Paradise. It’s like going home."

Danny also played Dwayne in Death in Paradise

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He also praised his replacement, Shyko Amos, tweeting: "I love it when new blood gets to shine! Tell JP, he's a dead man if he crashes Dwayne's motorbike!" Shyko previously revealed that she'd love Danny to come back to the show, telling HELLO!: "I actually don't know him - he's done so much with Red Dwarf and I think he's definitely that person on screen that people know. Although I didn't watch Death in Paradise religiously, I knew he was in it and I knew how popular he was. I am up for working with Danny John-Jules, absolutely!"

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