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Death in Paradise stars reveal surprising downside of filming in the Caribbean

Working in the Caribbean for six months? Sounds terrible!

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Death in Paradise stars Tobi Bakare and Shyko Amos have opened up about the downside of filming in the Caribbean for six months; that it can be far too hot! While working in Guadeloupe for half a year might seem like a dream to many (especially since the UK is so rainy at the moment), the pair revealed that it has its bad points too. Chatting on Build, Shyko explained: "It's really, really hot which is great when you're going out there, you're like, 'yes I'm leaving England, no more grey!' but when you've kicked into six months of filming, that heat really does start to get to you. You're like, 'Heat stroke! I'm dying!'"

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The pair opened up about filming in Guadeloupe

She continued: "We never really film inside, do we, we're always on set somewhere outside. We don't have fancy trailers, we have a tent." Tobi added: "At one with the elements! The police station gets really claustorphic, that's where the heat hits you. That's where people start leaving their lines." He also spoke about missing England while he is away, adding: "After doing it for five years now, you kind of miss the rat race of London but ultimately it's great, it's hot, there's lots of things to do there."

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It certainly hasn't all been fun in the sun for Shyko while filming season nine, as she recently revealed that she had scored an injury and has had to film on crutches. Speaking on her Instagram about the unfortunate injury, she said: "So guys, one day left to shoot this thing and um, yeah, I’m on crutches! I tore my calf muscle #dontask. It happened #inthelineofduty." The injury clearly didn't stop the star from enjoying the wrap party, as she filmed herself from her bed the morning after the fun night out, saying: "Coming to you live and direct from my bed. It’s the morning after the wrap party because it’s a wrap on season nine!"

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