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I'm a Celebrity's James Haskell reveals how much food the stars were meant to have

This sounds really difficult

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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I'm a Celebrity star James Haskell has opened up about his time in the jungle on his podcast, House of Rugby, and went into detail explaining how he and his fellow campmates weren't given sufficient food (even by the jungle's standards)! Chatting about how Cliff Parisi was under the weather during the show, he explained: "Cliff was ill for a lot of that show. The nutrition value of the people running the show and the celebs were pretty inadequate. They understood about water but talking about calories, I was told that when I went into that show I'd be on 700 calories a day, minimum, and with one star that would top up to 1500."

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James talked about the jungle food

He continued: "I was having three spoonfuls of brown rice for breakfast and four spoonfuls and maybe half a cup of beans for dinner. The day that I had words with everyone, everyone had been undereating. [We were having] around 200 calories – and to operate on that is terrible. By day nine, I was unable to walk up and down the stairs… I would go down, collect the water, and I'd honestly have to have a lie down and I was astounded it'd managed to go this far."

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James opened up about his time on the show

According to James, who was the fourth celebrity to leave the show, even when they received a full dinner after winning stars, there wasn't nearly enough food. "The food in the evening, there was no calorie dense food," he explained. "Crocodile feet, there's some fat with that, some protein, but not a lot. All the rest is vegetable so you're having maximum 800 calories a day… Some people were drinking two canteens of water a day."

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He also opened up about some of the negative feedback he received during his time on the show, with some viewers suggesting that he was overbearing. He said: "One of the hardest things for me in camp was actually the lack of instant feedback. With that show, you're acting and things are happening in a 24 hour period, you have no idea that you've been well received, then public enemy number one, then well received again. They don't brief you properly."