Lorraine Kelly apologises after she becomes victim of email hacking

The daytime TV presenter set the record straight on her ITV show Lorraine

Lorraine Kelly has been forced to apologise to her friends and family after an "embarrassing" email was sent to her contacts. The TV presenter took the opportunity to set the record straight on Wednesday morning, revealing on her ITV daytime show Lorraine that her account had in fact been hacked! She was forced to reveal the mishap after showbiz correspondent Ross King quizzed her on the matter during his segment on the show. Admitting he "had a bone to pick" with her, he said: "I got one this morning which asked again for something. It said 'can you do me a favour'. I said one word saying 'anything'. But the way it was written I thought this doesn't sound like my Lorraine. You've been hacked."

Lorraine Kelly revealed her emails had been hacked

The email claiming to be from Lorraine, which had the subject "urgent", then appeared on the screen. It read: "Am sorry for bothering you with this mail, I need to get an iTunes gift card for my niece, it's her birthday but I can't do this now because I'm currently travelling and I tried to purchase online unfortunately no luck with that. Can you get it from any store around you? I'll pay you back as soon as I am back. Kindly let me know if you can handle this. Regards, Lorraine."

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Lorraine Kelly apologised to friends and family after the email (above) had been sent

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Lorraine then dropped the bombshell that her account had been hacked, but revealed she had a great team behind her who are trying to sort the issue out. She explained: "I’ve been hacked. And it's so annoying. I’m a technophobe. The fantastic geeks here are helping me out. But it's so annoying when you're hacked and really embarrassing. I thought 'oh my god'. Everybody who knows me you might have got an email this morning. Ignore. Just ignore that and anything subsequent. I'm going to set up a new email address and send that out. Apologies. Isn’t it a pain in the bum." She also posted on Twitter following the show, writing: "I have clearly been hacked. It’s very annoying. Do make sure you have a strong password."

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