Love Island first look: Shaughna and Demi have an awkward chat about Shaughna's feelings for Luke M

Will Love Island's Luke M choose Shaughna or Demi?

Francesca Shillcock

We've been loving Love Island so far with its funny moments, romantic speeches and, of course, drama! And Thursday night's episode of the hit reality show looks no different. In a first look clip for tonight's upcoming events, Shaughna and Demi are going to be having a rather awkward chat.

WATCH: Shaughna pulls Demi for awkward chat about Luke M 

In the clip, Shaughna, who was recently dumped by Callum, can be heard saying to her fellow Islander, Demi: "This is a very uncomfortable conversation for me – which is why I’m smiling because I feel uncomfortable right now – I feel like I want to have a chat with Luke M." Demi, who has only just recently started a romance with the Bieber lookalike, responds: "Right OK." Awkward…

The two girls then go on to further discuss Shaughna's feelings for Luke, who hasn't exactly had the best luck in the villa so far, with Shaughna admitting: "I think Jamie's solidified this a bit for me. I'm just like 'absolutely, I don’t have feelings for you at all.'" The 25-year-old continued: "[But] I don't feel like that for Luke, I feel like we've always had flirty banter back and forth. Then when it didn't go well with [him and] Natatalia I was thinking 'I'm happy about that, why am I happy about that?'"

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Demi isn't overly convinced on Shaughna's argument

However, it seems Demi wasn't overly convinced by Shaughna's argument. "I always thought you and him were more like brother and sister." She continued: "You do what you've got to do but obviously at the same time I'm still going to get to know Luke. You do you and I'll do me." Something tells us this could get fiery!

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Who will Luke M choose?

Elsewhere in the villa, the Islanders are still recovering from Wednesday night's headline challenge. Siânnise and Luke T, who are fan-favourites and tipped to win the show, have a serious discussion on the challenge – which revealed Luke T wasn't exactly discreet on the couple's time in the Hideaway. The beauty consultant admits: "The girls asked me what happened [in the Hideaway] and I didn't say anything because that's between me and you." She continued: "I know that you wouldn't have done that in a malicious way, you probably were excited, the boys were probably egging you on, but that's a personal thing to me and that's something I would have rather had stayed between us." Here's hoping they can kiss and make up!

Love Island continues on Thursday at 9pm on ITV2

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