Joanne Froggatt shares never-before-seen photo from set

The actress also shared an important message

Aisha Nozari

Joanne Froggatt might be best known for playing Anna Bates, the lady's maid, on Downton Abbey, but on Monday the actress shared a never-before-seen set photo from one of her more recent projects – Liar.

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The incredible photograph shows Joanne laying in a muddy field, surrounded by a small film crew and covered head to toe in dirt, how's that for dedication? 

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The 39-year-old captioned her post: "Save the arts," in reference to the need to raise funds for theatres, concert halls, music venues, museums, galleries, the film industry and their thousands of freelancers in the wake of COVD-19.

Joanne's followers were quick to praise her not just for her incredible performance in Liar, but also for sharing such an important message.

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Joanne shared the photo on Instagram

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"You were incredible in Liar, Jo. The arts and incredible and life just wouldn't be the same without them!" wrote one fan. "God, you guys suffer to bring us entertainment," joked another.

Speaking about returning to her role in Liar for season two, Joanne previously told BT: "It was a really exciting prospect to go back to Liar. When something has gone so well you want to fulfil the story and your commitment to the project. It was such a lovely group of people to work with as well. I love working with Ioan Gruffudd, James Strong, our main director [who] came back, Jack and Harry Williams, and all of the team. I was thrilled to be back with everybody making something that would stand up to and, hopefully, surpass the first series."

However, some viewers were left frustrated by the finale of season two, in which Joanne's character was revealed as a killer.

"Am actually really disappointed with the outcome of #liar. What a waste of time!!! #LiarITV," wrote one disgruntled fan after the episode aired. 

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