Sid Siddiqui's surprising friendship with fellow Gogglebox star

Sid appears on the show with his sons, Umar and Baasit

Although Gogglebox stars are all across the country watching shows from their living rooms, it doesn't mean that they aren't pals in real life! Sid Siddiqui recently revealed that he is pally with fellow castmate Dave Griffiths, who is based in Wales and appears on the show with his wife, Shirley.

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Dave shared a snap of himself looking unrecognisable with a goatee after using an app filter on Twitter, writing: "I feel like a fraud, what I meant was shaving my head it's an app that shows what you would look like bald, they just throw the goatee in for fun, the funny thing is you all think I'm already bald #Gogglebox... great." 

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A fan replied: "Hey hey hey, there's nothing wrong with a follicly challenged man, my other half is & thankfully I didn't know him with hair. For you, I'd say shave the head & grow the beard."

Dave shared a hilarious tweet of himself with a goatee

Sid then replied to her tweet, writing: "That’s good advice, shave your head and grow a beard, I am going to do that when my hair falls out soon, I guess if you grow your beard long enough you could train it to sit on top of your head like a hair bun." 

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The Siddiqui family – Sid, Baasit and Umar – have been Gogglebox favourites ever since the show began - and fans were delighted after catching a rare glimpse of the family's matriarch, mum Nasreen, in a photo shared by son Baasit on Instagram.

Baasit joked about the sweet snap

The dad-of-two posted a series of snapshots showing his parents together, along with his daughter Amelia. He wrote: "I was trying to get a photo of all three of these guys staring at the camera and smiling!

Dad is like a statue with that smile but Mum and Amelia were doing it on purpose. Each time one of them would smile the other would look the other way or swap! The Siddiqui ladies are a stubborn and cheeky bunch." 

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