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Antiques Road Trip: what is the largest profit margin item on show? 

Can you imagine finding a hidden treasure and seeing it sell for thousands? 

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Celebrity Antiques Road Trip is always a lot of fun to watch, but the show takes an exciting turn when the cast finds a hidden treasure that sells for much, much higher than they had anticipated. 

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While Paul Laidlaw holds the record for the highest-selling item; a sub-miniature camera that was purchased for £60 and sold at £20,000, what is the show's record for the highest profit margin? 

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The surprising item was found by expert Charlie Ross back in 2012 - who bought the item for only £8! The treasure, a chipped Staffordshire elephant cloak, sold for an impressive £2,700.

The phone and internet bids pushed the item up during the bidding war, and Charlie's reaction is a sight to behold! The expert stood up and began dancing in the room when he heard how high the bid was growing. The final price, £2700, saw the auction room erupt into applause, with Charlie taking a bow! 

elephant 1

The elephant sold for £2,700

Speaking about the amazing sale, he told the Daily Mail at the time: "The antiques were stored in a converted chapel and an outhouse. James and I tossed a coin to see who should go where, and he got the chapel while I headed for the outhouse.

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"I knew as soon as I saw him he was something special. I picked him up and looked at the wonderful detail. The price tag was just £12, although I knew this elephant was worth hundreds of pounds. 

"But I wasn’t thinking about the profit I would make; all I could look at was the tiny figure sitting on top of the elephant. He was so charming – he seemed to be calling out to me." 

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