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WandaVision: who is Geraldine and why is she there? 

Another episode, another clue about what is happening in Wanda's world 

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Emmy Griffiths
TV & Film Editor
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WandaVision episode three gave us a host of new mysteries as Wanda's new friend, Geraldine, took centre stage - and accidentally revealed that she knew much more about life outside the sitcom world than she was letting on. 

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In episode three, the show suddenly turns technicolour as Wanda and Vision welcome twin boys in a rapid pregnancy. As Wanda looks at her new sons, Tommy and Billy, she sadly points out that she once had a twin brother, Pietro. Geraldine also appears to remember him, telling Wanda that he was killed by Ultron. 

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Wanda then turns on her friend and appears to cast her out of the world, but not before she notices Geraldine wearing a mysterious sword symbol. In the final moments of the episode, Geraldine is seen to have landed in the middle of a field, and is surrounded by soldiers. So who is Geraldine really, and what is going on? 

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Does Monica know why she's there?

Geraldine AKA Monica Rambeau has actually appeared in the MCU before in Captain Marvel as a young girl and the daughter of Carol's close friend, Maria. Since Monica was a child in the 90s, this would suggest that Wanda's world is taking place in modern-day - as Monica is now all grown up. 

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The symbol that Monica is wearing in the scene has been seen on the show before, both on the back of the mysterious beekeeper's outfit, and on a toy helicopter that Wanda finds in her garden. As such, it appears that members belonging to the same organisation are finding ways to infiltrate her world, which further hints that Wanda is very much in control as she is able to cast them out. 

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Have you been enjoying the series so far?

However, what isn't clear is how much Monica actually remembered about her real-life while in Wanda's world. Was she simply playing along with the action so as not to reveal her true identity to Wanda, or has she forgotten her true identity altogether? 

Viewers shared their own theories, with one writing: "#WandaVision theory! The toy helicopter that Wanda finds was actually a real one that crash-landed in her world, and the person flying it was Monica Rambeau, who gets sucked into Wanda’s world and becomes Geraldine!" 

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What is happening in the sitcom world?

Another added: "What if the next episode starts off showing Wanda shooting Monica out of her reality and into the real world and then the rest of the episode is just from Monica's perspective on the sword base watching WandaVison and sending operatives in." 

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