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5 popular theories about Harry Potter TV show

Will the HBO show be a Marauders prequel?

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Emmy Griffiths
Emmy GriffithsTV & Film Editor
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Twitter has been rife with speculation about a Harry Potter TV show after The Hollywood Reporter revealed that a potential series is in "early development" with HBO Max. 

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While the reports were met with a mixed reaction from fans, with some wanting the Harry Potter franchise to be left alone, others were quick to offer suggestions on what a potential TV series should be about. See the top five most popular theories here...

The Marauders prequel 

Plenty of people have been calling for the show to be a prequel based on the marauders and their adventures and Hogwarts - and we can see it! James Potter, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin and Peter Pettigrew sound like they had a thousand adventures at school that could be uncovered - plus it would mean returning to Hogwarts!

One fan wrote: "Instead of an unnecessary #HarryPotter show, give the marauder's era show we’ve wanted for years! So much untapped potential there." 

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Bring back Sirius Black!

Another person added: "I am open to any and all #HarryPotter content but what I really WANT is a #Marauders prequel ... let me see James, Sirius, Remus and Peter in school, younger #Dumbledore, introduce some new characters, etc." 

Harry Potter remake 

Some fans think that the TV show will remake JK Rowling's book series, while sending more time on the details that the eight films missed out. One person wrote: "As it should be from the start!!! You don't summarise a whole year of magical adventures into a two-hour movie. It would be nice if they can make one season of eight to ten eps for each book." 

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However, others were less keen, with one writing: "If this Harry Potter show is real I just have one request. Please do not redo the series. Tell a different story. Do not remake the books into TV form. Please." 

hp 1© Photo: Sky

Would you like to see Harry, Ron and Hermione back for a TV series?

Voldemort's rise to power

One Harry Potter fan suggested that the series should look at Voldemort's first rise to power, which is a time largely unexplored in the films and the Fantastic Beasts series. They wrote: "The most likely option as it contains characters general audiences are aware of. It would be exciting to see scenes from the books, (Snape coming to Dumbledore). But I'd rather watch a show that had an ending I didn't know." 

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Could the show look at Voldemort's rise to power?

New Hogwarts story 

We love this idea! One person suggested a five-season story arc, with each season focusing on a character from a different Hogwarts house. They tweeted: "For the Harry Potter TV Series they should do five seasons.

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"Four seasons for every witch/wizard’s story  (Hufflepuff, Slytherin, Gryffindor and Ravenclaw) and the last season all of them coming together." 

hogwarts 2© Photo: Sky

Some fans want the show to focus on Hogwarts

Harry's Auror career

After Hogwarts, Harry Potter becomes an Auror - and some fans want to see a series based on his adventures as a dark wizard catcher. 

One person tweeted: "The Harry Potter HBO Max show should try and bring back the original cast and explore what Harry has been up to. I think he becomes an Auror, right? Which is like law enforcement in that world." Another added: "I would like to watch Auror detective or magical crime show. (Based in the harry potter world... w/o Potter & crew)." 

harry auror© Photo: Sky

Could the series be about the elite group of Aurors?

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