A Place in the Sun: who is Danni Menzies' partner?

Danni recently confirmed she had split from boyfriend Simon

Emmy Griffiths

We love watching Danni Menzies on A Place in the Sun, but what do we know about her life when the cameras are off?

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The TV personality is currently single after recently dating former soldier Simon Moloney. The couple ended up in lockdown with each other last year before the pair parted ways in August. 

Simon met Danni on a blind date that was set up by their best friends, who are also dating. Chatting about their relationship to the Sunday Post back in June, Danni previously said: "We went on about five or six dates and then ended up isolating together for ten weeks at home on Mains of Taymouth Country Estate."

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She jokily continued: "Some of my friends said, ‘Well, he’s definitely passed the test; he put up with you for ten weeks’. We only fell out once. I usually get fed up with boys quickly, so for me that’s really good." 

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Speaking about her future, Danni also admitted that she isn't sure about having children - yet! She said: "I’m not saying I won’t, I’m just not sure. I really love travelling."

"Even if I do get that country life I want, I still want to travel and work a lot. I am not 100% on having kids, but I am 100% on having lots of dogs and probably a rescue donkey as well – basically anything that needs a home." 


Danni and Simon split in August

It seems like the star is seriously busy at the moment, as she recently revealed that she'd visited Costa Del Sol for the popular series, and shared snaps of herself on a five-hour trek to the summit of La Concha mountain.

"Serious scenes," Danni wrote at the time. "Annoyingly my phone died on the way back so I'm not sure how far the total was, 10k (ish) I reckon, five hours. Wouldn't recommend on a hangover but loved it once we got going. Tough one, but look at this finish."

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