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James and Ola Jordan talk Dancing on Ice: we just don't understand the judges' scores

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James and Ola Jordan had to watchDancing on Ice twice at the weekend while trying to keep up with their baby daughter Ella, who has recently started walking - and wants to do little else! "She's got a personality, let's just say," Ola said laughing as James added: "She's starting to kick off a lot more if she doesn't get her own way. It is cute but when it gets to the point where you really need to get something done, it's like gah!" 

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In between taking Ella for strolls around their home, James and Ola enjoyed the latest episode, and revealed what they thought about the judges' scoring, the early exits, and who should win the whole contest... 

James Jordan gives a home tour with little Ella 

The former Strictly pros revealed their surprise at the judges' scoring, and were against some of Ashley Banjo and John Barrowman's harsher comments. James said: "I just don't understand it! This week Ashley is trying to be the tough judge! I was saying they needed a Jason Gardner type of judge on the show - but it doesn't suit him!" Ola agreed, adding: "You've got to be naturally a little bit like that." 

"He's too nice to play that part," James agreed. "Some of the things that John Barrowman said as well, I didn't really agree with. I know it's only a TV show, but I think some of the things they were saying about the routines was wrong!

faye brookes 1

The pair were full of praise for Faye's routine

The pair were particularly put out by Faye Brookes' scores, who was tied on the leaderboard with Joe-Warren Plant and Lady Leshurr - after saying that "no one even got close to her" in terms of a perfect routine throughout the episode. 

James explained: "My biggest problem from this week is that Faye's performance was epic. No one even got close to her. What more could she done? To have the same marks as Lady Leshurr and Joe-Warren - both of whom I'm a massive fan of - is just wrong. She was in a different league to them so the marks should reflect that.

"As a professional, I know categorically that she was better and when she doesn't get marked the right way, it just bugs me. It probably doesn't matter in the long run since she got through to the next round though."

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Ola suggested: "Maybe they're downplaying her and I do think it will help her in the long run but people aren't stupid when they're watching these shows! She was a lot better so she should have been marked higher." 

The pair spoke about some of their other favourites, with Ola explaining: "We both really liked Sonny Jay, he seems really at ease on the ice. And I like Lady Leshurr, she was performing! She was looking at the camera, and there's something about her skating that I really like."  

sonny jay 6

The pair are loving Sonny Jay on the show

"There's no way she should have been tied with Faye, but she sells it," James agreed. "Joe-Warren who is a great skater and I thought it was a good performance, but it wasn't epic, like Faye's was." 

The pair also gave Jason Donovan praise for the most improved contestant, with James explaining: "If you take Rebekah Vardy, she's actually a very good skater but I feel that she lacks what Jason Donovan has, because he has the performance element but is maybe missing the skating. I really enjoyed it though because he is so in it!" 

lady leshurr 1

Ola praised Lady Leshurr's performance

Meanwhile, the pair were a little less impressed with Amy Tinkler's performance, with James explaining: "Amy Tinkler is a gymnast and she spent most of the time in the air! They were amazing lifts... but they should be a highlight. She is great in the air but they now need to be more clever with the routines." 

The pair were disappointed to see Colin Jackson and Matt Richardson in the bottom two, with James saying: "Colin did a fantastic job. One of the judges said that he needed looser hips - but I think he was really loose! Sometimes I think that's his downfall; that he doesn't have the strength there. But I thought he did a fantastic job with perhaps the hardest dance from our dance world. To put a Samba to ice is really difficult. I was a bit gutted that he was in the bottom two." 

matt richardson 1

James opened up about Matt's exit from the show

The pair also opened up about Matt's exit, despite only being in the show for one week after standing in for Billie Faiers, who exited to show on medical grounds. 

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The Dancing on Ice 2019 winner said: "Initially I agreed with a lot of people were saying, 'Maybe he should be given a free pass for the next week,' but then again contestants have already left, so that's not necessarily fair - and it's not fair on contestants like Colin who has been on the show since the beginning either and who might have ended up in the bottom two with someone better than him - so I see both sides. But I did feel a bit sorry for Matt.

"He was probably the right person to go but I felt gutted for him. He was new, he didn't have enough of a chance to improve and he seems like a really nice guy."

Ola continued: "It's been a really strange one this year. It's fantastic that they're even able to get the show on TV, but they are going to have brick walls in front of them to get around and it can be hard as a viewer to know who is in and who's out."

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