James and Ola Jordan share details on baby Ella’s first birthday celebrations 

The youngster is turning one!

How time flies! While it seems like only yesterday James and Ola Jordan were welcoming baby Ella into their family, their adorable daughter will be turning one at the weekend, and the pair have some sweet plans to celebrate the day.

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The pair, who usually give their weekly review on all things Dancing on Ice, were sorry to see the show take a break - but very much enjoyed the special episode of highlights. 

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WATCH: James and Ola Jordan's baby Ella takes first steps on her own

Chatting about the show, James said: "It was actually really really good and to see people that you forgot were on it over the years, people coming out and falling over live on TV!  

"They showed my first dance and they showed my Bolero. Apparently, Chris and Jane picked five of their favourite ever Baleros and I was one of those. It was nice! But I thought the whole show was amazing, really. When I was on there, it was the first time we’ve ever sat down with Ella when one of us has been on the TV, so we were saying, ‘Ella look, it’s daddy’ and yeah, no interest whatsoever! She was eating her biscuits and she didn’t recognise me, did you Ella?"

Ella didn't recognise her dad on TV!

Ola added: "We really enjoyed looking back. Dancing on Ice started in the same year that we started Strictly and we didn’t watch it then - so it was interesting to see who did it that we didn’t even know about!" 

Chatting about Ella's birthday, they revealed that it would be a quiet affair due to the lockdown. Ola said: "I’ve ordered a lovely, pretty cake and I’ve ordered balloons. I’ve bought her a lovely outfit, a pretty ballerina skirt with a headband."

"And that’s it really," James concluded. "It’s sad really but you’ve got to think that people are going through worse. I mean, she won't remember her first birthday anyway. It’s more for the parents!"

Little Ella will be turning one on 27 February 

The pair will doubtlessly be running around after Ella on her birthday, as the youngster began walking at 11 months. James said: "She's got a temperature today.  It's the first time I've seen her like that, she's normally running around and she's just quite lethargic right now. 

"She has such a character," Ola added. "She’s cheeky! Very cheeky like her dad. She likes playing hide-and-seek as well. She’ll go and hide behind the doors. You have to go, ‘Ella? Where are you? Ella?’ so she knows we’re looking for her."

Little Ella is growing up fast!

James agreed, saying: "She’s definitely a big character... and she doesn’t really like teddy bears! You know when you see kids with dummies, she’s not like that at all, she doesn't use a dummy and she doesn’t cuddle toys. She loves playing with a ball. She’ll take a ball into the kitchen because you can bounce them better in there, so she plays like that. 

"I think that's the reason she started to walk so early because she's just so determined, she wants to do it on her own. We've got this ball pit and obviously, I thought, 'You can put her in the ball pit and she’ll stay there, but within about three days, she started launching herself out of the ball pen like just onto the floor. She’s an escape artist."

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Speaking about whether she takes after them, Ola joked: "Apparently James was very sweet and lovely when he was a boy so that’s confusing to be honest!" James replied: "And Ola was quite naughty." 

The I'm a Celebrity star agreed, joking: "I was naughty. I used to push over the other kids." 

The former Strictly pros are very much looking forward to the return of Dancing on Ice, and agreed with show bosses that the show needed a week's break. "I think there have been so many injuries, Jason Donovan hurt his back, and this will give him time to rest up. Giving them all a little bit of a break is fair enough. To put a show like that on during these times is tough enough and this year they’ve had a terrible time of it. 

The pair are looking forward to Jason's return to the show

"Yeah, so I just think it was the right thing to do and to be honest, watching that show last night, it was such a good show. I definitely think they've done the right thing. They’ll be back next week stronger and fresher because they've all had, you know a little bit more time to recover get their bodies back in shape. I class myself is relatively fit and I remember I found it really tough." 

He continued: "I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully Jason is better. I'm interested to see how Faye gets on now with a different professional and to see if she is as good. And to see how much difference the professional actually makes." 

Faye will be partnered with Matt

Speaking about Faye Brookes' new partnership with Matt Evers after Hamish Gaman was forced to drop out of the competition due to injury, he explained: "I do think the professional makes a big difference, but I also think if you're going to be good you're going to be good with whoever you're with." 

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